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Below are a list of identifiers for Flash that you might encounter in a crash report.

This list has been incorporated into crash data scripts that produce module correlations. Updates made to this list should also be made there.

Generating Module/Debug IDs

Some older versions of Flash can be downloaded from their website, but some might not be there (in particular, 64-bit versions of Flash 10.2 and 10.3 releases are not available). In the case of version "10.0.23", it shipped with Mac OS X 10.6, but is not available from Adobe's website, though it's clearly different than….

To create an identifier yourself, run dump_syms on the Flash Player binary itself (not the package, and not the internal OS-version-specific plug-ins). For example, to get an identifier for the PPC version of Flash on your system:

./dump_syms -a x86 /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/Flash\ Player.plugin/Contents/MacOS/Flash\ Player

Repeat for the x86_64 or ppc side of the fat binary. The first line of the output should look like the example below; the hex string is the Module/Debug ID for the given binary-and-architecture:

MODULE mac x86 2D365924290BBA7245C331A1FBDAD4130  Flash Player

Note: Flash versions prior to require you to use a special, custom installer on the Mac and do not allow package inspection. Flash versions beginning with also require a special, custom installer and do not allow package inspection.

Module/Debug IDs for most Flash 9.0, 10.x and 11.x versions

Flash 11.5

Identifier Flash Version and Platform Release Date
3A7B2454F9E04AD8C7E8D9400CCCB57C0 11.5.502.110 on x86_64 Nov 6, 2012
BC6B4FD5C5D5733904DFD4B250ABEBCC0 11.5.502.110 on x86 Nov 6, 2012

Flash 11.2

Identifier Flash Version and Platform Release Date
CC75C03A470052E526074FAB931274E40 ("11.2 Beta 1 / Preview 1") on x86_64 Oct 26, 2011
D27DE467C23C17C30180D67853ADCE130 ("11.2 Beta 1 / Preview 1") on x86 Oct 26, 2011

Flash 11.0 (codenamed Serrano) / Flash 11.1

Identifier Flash Version and Platform Release Date
7FF4F5DCEB7989358BF5B4758A91D6D40 on x86_64 Nov 10, 2011
7DFEEFDAB88473FE266D41417E1253680 on x86 Nov 10, 2011
6ED268BAABD711C803DA4D80A464ADEF0 on x86_64 Oct 4, 2011
E81089E02CC87020AE970517B3435C640 on x86 Oct 4, 2011
D2AC8C082D2FF3A9A961DA36B367B4A80 ("11.0 RC 1") on x86_64
0C06EA8C221F74D4C6657516340EE96F0 ("11.0 RC 1") on x86
CDDE5F09A0558A96CE8631473E6E308A0 ("11.0 Beta 2") on x86_64
F87ECF87944C63574758CEC7A6FDAC040 ("11.0 Beta 2") on x86
24E693B018D5DC446210CE8D86C7D2E70 ("11.0 Beta 1") on x86_64
70BC9DFDDFDDAEF017AA33940640D1E30 ("11.0 Beta 1") on x86

Flash 10.3 (codenamed Wasabi)

Identifier Flash Version and Platform Release Date
0122BC01F127FA330355004A11F22909 on x86 Jun 8, 2012
AF3B7F6A-24DA02E7616A2B96F1A707E8 on x86 May 4, 2012
3D539DB3C355BAED2FFDB16617E43390 on x86 Mar 5, 2012
C69E8D3C7C75BCCA667950DCBA917066 on x86 Feb 15, 2012
B16BC6E0FDEAE1525129039546E2A4020 on x86 Nov 10, 2011
3AFB9FF568103EBD035C62A2E08B3DB610 on x86 Sep 21, 2011
08C4F2F65FC445E83D83B3D11EDE190D0 on x86 Aug 25, 2011
76D13928E97180B0DDB9253E5C04FC5E0 on x86 Aug 9, 2011
927169A26DE754AFC24894DAF44F49040 on x86 Jun 28, 2011
66B8EC349624078E47AC3F94B6EF341E0 on x86 June 14, 2011
AA4CB0EC54EF83E43322107C450AE5440 on x86 June 5, 2011
479204240B43429E2AD479ED68675E760 on x86 May 12, 2011
7478AD9F3CFA29B14AFAE0EC69F5FD910 ("10.3 RC 1") on x86
813BD8C1548397A9C6217F2CC3D70C5D0 ("10.3 Beta 2") on x86
5C4DB37CB03CE80CC68FAE40E7AFFBFF0 ("10.3 Beta 1") on x86
B8505EAA10895A3B7481AB01E3A794FB0 ("Square Preview 3") on x86_64 Nov 30, 2010
A27AAF46860EF9C8E14E3DBA829341140 ("Square Preview 3") on x86 Nov 30, 2010

Flash 10.2 (codenamed Spicy)

Identifier Flash Version and Platform Release Date
D1FBDFCEC5B7AC8A51FFC98634766DE10 on x86 Apr 15, 2011
B11CE47B2D6256A581A90BD06367FD540 on x86 Mar 21, 2011
159EE5DE4B5919ED7869E6D11F4D67B70 on x86
A047A8F9A79F5A959A2E14A91EEA866D0 (10.2 aka "10.2 rc2" aka "10.2 beta 2") on x86 Feb 8, 2010 (as 10.2); Jan 26, 2010 (as "10.2 RC 2")
53F31DEC90854AB45DE56E383612FA1D0 ("10.2 beta 1") on x86 Nov 30, 2010
B867E2890B1F9A36BF5DE1BA86574FC90 ("Square Preview 2") on x86_64 Sep 27, 2010
ECD229A97533F402A9270E7AB00703670 ("Square Preview 2") on x86 Sep 27, 2010
BC10095E6D9A2F6BD62CF77B8B2359E70 ("Square Preview 1") on x86_64
30A8FEF4BEFD9843A9572D47DF0022D30 ("Square Preview 1") on x86

Flash 10.1 (codenamed Astro)

Identifier Flash Version and Platform Release Date
0E4F768E4FF090B47387C86A3EC48C430 on x86
DF999A1CC6E427C023595EE83021A8770 on ppc
7C335F75EBDB76FA2F741E584516A12F0 on x86
1D24E8FDE3ABB8684D5C8A81FDBFE8F30 on ppc
B765F5A2282AA4AFEF592FC8F90888D30 on x86
2AD66739165B6A22F7BF651A8E52520A0 on ppc
2D365924290BBA7245C331A1FBDAD4130 ("Gala Preview 2") on x86 May 25, 2010
554334A76B6A13271324AB48EB3DB57D0 ("Gala Preview 2") on ppc May 25, 2010
478ADB7920F8119106E58CE0672FF9960 ("Gala Preview 1") on x86
B4B7EDF03946DCC2778F7DFD1F454ED10 ("Gala Preview 1") on ppc
4FE0EBB4DD56E42E17926466E720365F0 (10.1 aka "10.1 rc7") on x86 Aug 16, 2010 or Jun 10, 2010
FA63D0E2EB399739A380C348A9B534F10 (10.1 aka "10.1 rc7") on ppc Aug 16, 2010 or Jun 10, 2010
98C27F41EEBBF89B98069810EB1B16180 ("10.1 rc6") on x86
3847B0BB3329EA511E7BA3646875D1F00 ("10.1 rc6") on ppc
6E63969F0C1EEA38A1C77EE2322CB74C0 ("10.1 rc5") on x86
27DA5425666E7F80EF52C00EA455A72D0 ("10.1 rc5") on ppc
D984BFFC0E4E2F77387ACA03D8531F600 ("10.1 rc4") on x86
FDEF1F006B517BC2BD0C375CE954EDF90 ("10.1 rc4") on ppc
1C68FC25F87C14C363031E1FA066FDDA0 ("10.1 rc2") on x86
920A8A615668FB49A22B0E3D349091640 ("10.1 rc2") on ppc
82784C2D7A2FA27212F83A65F28E6B560 ("10.1 rc") on x86
B46C8A3E93190242AED2D77F16084F070 10.1.53. ("10.1 rc") on ppc
D211188F88895FF48B23C607748E53840 ("10.1 beta 3") on x86
28CC37872D08746C06759E0051D2E5480 ("10.1 beta 3") on ppc
7224164B5918E29AF52365AF3EAF7A500 ("10.1 beta 2") on x86 Dec 17, 2009
C6CDEFCDB58EFE5C6ECEF0C463C979F80 ("10.1 beta 2") on ppc Dec 17, 2009
4EDBBD7016E8871A461CCABB7F1B16120 10.1 beta on x86 (need full version info)

Flash 10.0

Identifier Flash Version and Platform
D1AAAB5D417861E6A5B835B01D3039550 on x86
EBD27FDBA9D9B3880550B2446902EC4A0 on ppc
266780DB53C4AAC830AFF69306C5C0300 on x86
C4D637F2C8494896FBD4B3EF0319EBAC0 on ppc
B19EE2363941C9582E040B99BB5E237A0 on x86
025105C956638D665850591768FB743D0 on ppc
986682965B43DFA62E0A0DFFD7B7417F0 10.0.23 on x86
937DDCC422411E58EF6AD13710B0EF190 10.0.23 on ppc
860692A215F054B7B9474B410ABEB5300 on x86
77CB5AC61C456B965D0B41361B3F6CEA0 on ppc
38AEB67F6A0B43C6A341D7936603E84A0 on x86
776944FD51654CA2B59AB26A33D8F9B30 on ppc

Flash 9.0

Identifier Flash Version and Platform
F5DF5C6A95B242B1AC796DC71FDD5EA20 on x86
E85C86AAB6BAD6EDC9698109DF6E6ACC0 on ppc
B4120124160F436796198A50D067CB820 on x86
3CF5D6B4F14CB6EAD09F1C56CBBFFE3B0 on ppc
0B7487A3894C4EB9AFB7A7947FE93AE30 on x86
04ADE3BEBC88640C761B26839BF1CF3B0 on ppc
6B94EB55142F8286D1D90B8A847BA5070 on ppc
974873A0A6AD482F8F17A7C55F0A33390 on x86
B482D3DFD57C23B5754966F42D4CBCB60 on ppc
0B03252A5C303973E320CAA6127441F80 on ppc
AE71D92D2812430FA05238C52F7E20310 on x86
6761F4FA49B5F55833D66CAC0BBF8CB80 on ppc
27CC04C9588E482A948FB5A87E22687B0 on x86
1C8715E734B31A2EACE3B0CFC1CF21EB0 on ppc
F43004FFC4944F26AF228334F2CDA80B0 on x86
890664D4EF567481ACFD2A21E9D2A2420 on ppc
8355DCF076564B6784C517FD0ECCB2F20 on x86
51C00B72112812428EFA8F4A37F683A80 on ppc
9FA57B6DC7FF4CFE9A518442325E91CB0 on x86
03D99C42D7475B46D77E64D4D5386D6D0 on ppc
0CFAF1611A3C4AA382D26424D609F00B0 on x86
0F3262B5501A34B963E5DF3F0386C9910 on ppc
C5B5651B46B7612E118339D19A6E66360 on ppc
BF6B3B51ACB255B38FCD8AA5AEB9F1030 on ppc
83CF4DC03621B778E931FC713889E8F10 on ppc