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Those are used for the classification of Socorro bugs, all starting with "V3" (due to an internal code name used by KaiRo), and those will be documented here. In brackets, there are bug counts as of 11/01/2012.

  • V3-integrity (66): Affecting Crash Data Integrity, i.e. quality of the original data we have stored
  • V3-search (43): Search Capabilities
  • V3-classify (49): Classification and Characterization of Crash Reports and Signature Generation
  • V3-correlation (37): Correlation reports to help identifying circumstances around the crash and steps to reproduce
  • V3-trends (15): Trend Reports, e.g. to identify and alert teams about Explosive bugs
  • V3-newreports (37): New reports (requests for generating new reports)
  • V3-UI (213): User Interface issues
  • V3-UItweaks (14): UI tweaks (probably easy to solve, small UI issues) - subgroup of V3-UI
  • V3-nonHTMLoutput (25): Non-HTML/web output (.csv, feeds, etc.)
  • V3-notify (4): Notifications (to be) sent out by the Socorro system
  • V3-infra (335): Infrastructure and backend issues (note: out of the direct focus of my project, subject to internal planning in the Socorro team)
  • V3-config (16): Configuration adaptations (skiplist additions, etc.)
  • V3-productization (39): Making Socorro a product that can be deployed and understood by others (documentation, etc.)
  • V3-datarequest (19): Data requests (bugs that request data through manual jobs)