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Report Triage

We got together to priortize new Socorro requests that engineering would like to have. The group in P1 are those that we feel will greatly impact the crash analysis workflows.


  • Juanb, Kairo, Marcia, Smooney


Q2 Goals (if possible)

  • bug 637661 - plugin hang pairs
    • Try to get this for non-throttled builds.
    • Match when match is available on throttled builds.
    • Check if doable in Q2.
  • bug 629049 and bug 629062
    • Q2 goal is to verify Kairo's algorithm for explosive crashes, then look at Socorro implementation for Q3
  • bug 439679
    • Is there a doable goal for Q2? - Not this one by itself, replaced with DLL Dictionary as a first step.
    • Might be easier when we have the dll dictionary.

Q3 or needs more research