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Hello, This is currently under construction of creating a wiki for cruxade.

Cruxade is a project pushing xul to the business enterprise space.

If you want to be a part of this effort please join the forum :

if you are a developer you may join the mailing list and development at:

This page was created in the hope of documenting features of cruxade, as well as, providing standards to the cruxade platform developers.

The cruxade enterprise solution are:

(1) Application coupling through http protocol

   1.a) enterprise applications are not tied to a single database
   1.b) enterprise applications are not tied to a single domain or web server

(2) Make extensive use of XBL to implement new data entries and other data layout

If you want to express your support via the wiki and/or code development feel free to send me an email "nbjayme at yahoo dot com".