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We need some abstracts for the testing BOF that will be held at OSCON.

We will have only about an hour to do this. So they will need to be fairly high level talks. I think we can fit two talks into that. Since Tomcat is there to do his Leak talk, let's make the other one a more general QA talk - either Tony or I can present it.


Abstract for the Entire BOF session itself TODO: Needed?

Come spend an hour of time to meet several members of the Mozilla QA Team. We will be covering topics on community building, getting involved, and have a special session detailing how we successfully strove to find and diagnose memory leaks in the Firefox 3 development effort.

Scheduled for Wed Evening, July 23rd, ~ETA 7:30pm PDT

  • Possible Discussion Topics for BOF
    • Will have snacks and drinks handy
    • Will be advertised on OSCON schedule, have handouts at the booth, and having a big sign for the location.
    • Get Involved with MozQA session
      • If folks are on time, lets do a 5 minute overview spiel of Mozilla QA, with focus on the community testing.
      • Litmus
      • Bug days
      • Test Days
      • Release Cycles
      • Localization and L10n Testing
      • Test Development (how to do mochitests, reftest, what our automation strategy is?)
      • How to find us? (irc, newsgroups, forums)
      • How to give feedback (newsgroups, Report websites, bugzilla)
      • Advertise BetaTesters alias and what it is
    • Have a signup sheet handy
      • Categories: Name, email, and areas of interests to volunteer
      • Follow up with people
      • send personalized emails to testdays
      • Add to betatesters alias
    • Advertise the Mozilla QA session for thursday
    • Create a Take-away card for community
      • Have quick notes giving steps on whats next
      • (eg. Download a nightly, join the testday, jump on irc..)
    • Talk about magnitude of betatesters already involved
      • 3000 on betatesters alias
      • 20000 nightly testers
      • 2+ million firefox 3 testers
    • We have QA openings if people ask specifically
      • security testing, test development, and Test Execution
    • Target people that are milling around, and be prepared to engage them with questions. Why are you here? What are you interested in helping with?

Intro QA Talk

Firefox 3 is known for performance, stability, compatibility and security. It is the work of thousands of volunteers that help the Mozilla QA team ensure that the product exceeds expectations in every category. Come learn how the Mozilla QA team brings these volunteers together, our QA methodologies, and how you could get involved and contribute your unique combination of skills and time to the Mozilla project.

Scheduled for Thurs, July 24th, 4:30pm PDT

Leak Talk

One of the largest goals of Firefox 3 development was releasing a product with a much more stable memory usage and smaller memory footprint than any previous Firefox release. To do this, we employed several QA techniques to hunt down and diagnose memory leaks. We also did extensive leak testing with hundreds of the most popular Firefox add-ons. Come and learn how we did this testing, the types of leaks we found and diagnosed. World class QA engineer Carsten Book aka Tomcat will be leading this session into the arcane intricacies of memory leak detection and diagnosis on the Mozilla Platform.

Scheduled for Thurs, July 24th, 4:30pm PDT