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DOM: Core

Who are we?

  • Adam Vandolder
  • Andreas Farre
  • Andrew McCreight
  • Edgar Chen
  • Henri Sivonen
  • Hsin-Yi Tsai
  • Jan-Niklas Jäschke
  • Masayuki Nakano
  • Oliver Medhurst
  • Peter Van der Beken
  • Sean Feng
  • Simon Pieters
  • Vincent Hilla

What do we do?

We care about Web compatibility and interoperability. We advance the Web by contributing to evolving and implementing W3C and WHATWG Standards, including

  • DOM
  • HTML
  • Events
  • Editor
  • Clipboard
  • Selection
  • WebIDL

Our bugzilla components:

  • Toolkit::about:memory
  • Core::DOM: Bindings (WebIDL)
  • Core::DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop
  • Core::DOM: Core & HTML
  • Core::DOM: Editor
  • Core::DOM: Events
  • Core::DOM: Forms
  • Core::DOM: Geolocation
  • Core::DOM: HTML Parser
  • Core::DOM: Navigation
  • Core::DOM: Selection
  • Core::DOM: Serializers
  • Core::DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling
  • Core::DOM: Window and Location
  • Core::XML
  • Core::XPConnect
  • Core::XSLT

Where to find us?

We are at Matrix #DOM Core channel

Help us with Good First Bugs

Working in open is the norm to us. Talk with and join us if you want to help. Here is the Firefox Contributors’ Quick Reference. We've selected Good First Bugs to help you take your first steps into the DOM Core code!

Full Query
ID Summary Status Severity Priority Updated
136676 no quoting at all in MIME-Headers (Content-Disposition header not escaped) NEW S3 P3 No updated
282266 <input type="image"> with DOM-dispatched click event does not compute x, y coordinates NEW S3 P5 No updated
392994 Remove support for <input usemap> and <object usemap> NEW S3 -- No updated
488427 nsIFind needs to call FlushPendingNotifications NEW S3 -- No updated
720623 Get rid of nsHTMLFormatConverter and nsIFormatConverter NEW S4 P5 No updated
928224 First Character Being Eaten during Type Change on Input Field NEW S3 P3 No updated
944668 Whine to console when a document is decoded as "replacement" or "x-user-defined" NEW S4 P5 No updated
957054 Don't preload scripts with unknown types NEW S3 P3 No updated
1169784 Test interaction between Web Manifest and Service Worker NEW N/A -- No updated
1322876 "contextmenu" event has mozInputSource == MOZ_SOURCE_MOUSE even when hitting the context menu key on the keyboard NEW S3 P3 No updated
1426671 Context menu is always shown in the top left when activated from keyboard NEW S3 P3 No updated
1508254 Change referrerpolicy nstring filed to enum ReferrerPolicy in speculative loading NEW S3 P3 No updated
1573290 Remove unnecessary [Throws] annotation from Document.createTreeWalker NEW S3 P5 No updated
1669453 history.replace/pushState should throw SECURITY_ERR, not NS_ERROR_FAILURE with cross-origin urls NEW S4 P3 No updated
1697775 Remove unused arguments of nsIParser::Parse NEW S4 -- No updated
1778696 WatchdogMain seems to have a bogus manager->ForAllActiveContexts loop condition NEW S3 -- No updated
1795509 Element with overflow-x: hidden can be focused by Tab key NEW S3 P3 No updated
1837773 select.namedItem("") should return null, not one of the select's options NEW S3 -- No updated
1844439 Assertion failure: aValue >= 0 && aValue < kMsPerDay (aValue must be milliseconds within a day!), at /dom/html/input/DateTimeInputTypes.cpp:137 NEW S3 P3 No updated
1846606 parseFloat() and console.log("%f") disagree NEW S4 -- No updated
1890466 EmailInputType::PunycodeEncodeEmailAddress does not check for hyphen NEW S3 -- No updated
1896539 Fix typos in ChromeUtils.webidl NEW -- -- No updated
1897622 Remove unused dom.permissions.revoke.enable pref NEW -- -- No updated
1899251 Emit a warning message to the console when target names are ignored NEW -- -- No updated

24 Total; 24 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);