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DOM: Workers and Storage -> Board By Team Member

Open bugs broken down by team member.


Full Query
ID Summary Status Priority Last change time
1612009 test_https_origin_after_redirect.html leaks with DocumentChannel and SW-e10s disabled ASSIGNED P2 2020-06-17T15:29:43Z
1615164 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_abrupt_completion.html | Correct message handler - got "handler-after-throw", expected "handler-before-throw" ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-09T06:00:46Z
1633392 ARCH::worker-event-queues-cleanup - Worker event queue cleanup ASSIGNED P2 2020-04-29T12:41:00Z
1644304 WorkerPrivate::RunLoopNeverRan needs to notify and clear weak worker references so PerformanceStorageWorker doesn't leak ASSIGNED P2 2020-06-10T14:08:26Z
1231208 [meta] Service worker e10s redesign NEW P2 2020-04-15T07:17:10Z
1588148 Intermittent dom/html/test/test_formSubmission.html | Test timed out. REOPENED P3 2020-06-22T06:14:42Z
1592336 Crash in [@ static void mozilla::dom::`anonymous namespace'::QuotaClient::ShutdownWorkThreads::<T>::operator()::<T>::__invoke] REOPENED P3 2020-04-16T08:52:05Z
1593031 firefox-storage-test reporting Cache API error due to `NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.` ASSIGNED P3 2019-10-31T16:41:31Z
1339243 [experiment] Diagramming relationship of search results NEW P3 2018-08-14T14:40:46Z
1468445 add a data view for structs and classes ASSIGNED -- 2020-03-31T06:20:48Z
1555857 Add support for direct call IPDL methods ASSIGNED -- 2020-05-30T22:44:05Z
1567464 Display type for variable ASSIGNED -- 2019-08-05T13:31:44Z
1567724 Indexing duration regression due to low output-file throughput on mozilla-releases indexer. ASSIGNED -- 2019-09-09T16:50:36Z
1574258 Introduce new "forward" kind for existing "decl" kinds that are actually type forward declarations ASSIGNED -- 2019-08-15T19:02:57Z
1607376 running `make analyze` in /vagrant/clang-plugin results in a hang in `flock` under libvirt on linux because NFS ASSIGNED -- 2020-05-27T03:16:44Z
1641372 Land structured analysis record indexing and cross-referencing support from fancy branch ASSIGNED -- 2020-05-28T13:10:28Z

16 Total; 16 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Status Priority Last change time
1613912 Implement Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy (COEP) for shared/service workers NEW P2 2020-07-07T01:43:54Z
1617067 Assertion failure: IsSameOrigin(*match, aClientUrl), at src/dom/serviceworkers/ServiceWorkerManager.cpp:239 NEW P2 2020-05-14T12:20:06Z
1626425 Intermittent /html/cross-origin-embedder-policy/cache-storage-reporting-dedicated-worker.https.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::DeadlockDetector<mozilla::BlockingResourceBase>::InTransitiveClosure(mozilla::DeadlockDetector<mozilla::Blocking NEW P2 2020-06-26T10:35:08Z
1547906 [meta] Implement one-off BackgroundSync API ASSIGNED P2 2020-05-14T12:23:08Z
1588093 Twitter scrolls on its own, images fail to load when multiple Service Worker tabs are opened NEW P2 2020-05-14T12:19:14Z
1598800 Fix dom/tests/browser/browser_localStorage_e10s.js and dom/tests/browser/browser_localStorage_snapshotting_e10s.js for Fission NEW P2 2020-07-01T14:15:18Z
1634419 puzzles and analysis tools no longer work REOPENED P3 2020-06-08T18:53:46Z
1350337 create public interface for WorkerPrivate to hide implementation details NEW P3 2020-05-19T15:39:27Z
1567556 Slack "Add reaction" search popup flashes blue alt text before loading emoji images NEW P3 2020-06-05T10:16:07Z
1605382 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /html/cross-origin-embedder-policy/none.https.html | "none" top-level: navigating a frame from "require-corp" to "none" should succeed - Test timed out REOPENED P5 2020-07-06T06:13:41Z
1626250 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /html/cross-origin-embedder-policy/report-only-require-corp.https.html | "none" top-level: navigating a frame from "require-corp" to "none" should succeed - Test timed out ASSIGNED P5 2020-07-06T06:04:11Z
1427396 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | dom/tests/mochitest/fetch/test_fetch_basic_http_sw_reroute.html | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output REOPENED P5 2020-05-25T06:25:13Z

12 Total; 12 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Status Priority Last change time
1564235 Expose NavigationPreloadManager interface NEW P2 2020-06-11T04:30:48Z
1568597 Change ServiceWorkerPrivate process selection to be fission-aware NEW P2 2020-06-26T18:29:35Z
1578325 Intermittent dom/serviceworkers/test/test_async_waituntil.html | Test timed out. ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-09T05:58:13Z
1584007 ClientHandles attaching to ClientSources may race ASSIGNED P2 2020-05-15T12:25:42Z
1602393 Crash in [@ AsyncShutdownTimeout | profile-before-change | ServiceWorkerRegistrar: Flushing data] ASSIGNED P2 2020-06-18T09:43:02Z
1632036 Intermittent dom/workers/test/crashtests/<test name>(finished) | application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::WorkerPrivate::FreezeInternal()] ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-07T05:40:29Z
1398179 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /service-workers/service-worker/clients-get-cross-origin.https.html | Test Clients.get() cross origin - Test timed out ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-09T05:47:39Z
1435343 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::workerinternals::RuntimeService::CrashIfHanging]. Shutdown problem in workers. NEW P2 2020-06-11T06:09:21Z
1577346 NavigationPreloadManager fetch integration NEW P3 2019-08-28T21:59:05Z
1617042 Add reporting for when ServiceWorker shutdown timer fires NEW P3 2020-02-20T23:57:29Z
1290958 Implement service worker navigation preload NEW P3 2019-12-06T19:00:51Z
1402542 Intermittent /service-workers/service-worker/postmessage.https.html | postMessage a transferable ArrayBuffer between ServiceWorker and Client over MessagePort - promise_test: Unhandled rejection with value: object "TypeError: r.installing is null" REOPENED P3 2020-07-09T05:36:08Z
1496997 [meta] Remove child intercept support once parent intercept has fully shipped and we have no need to switch back to child intercept NEW P3 2020-06-23T15:14:33Z
1532331 Resolve failure of WPT /service-workers/service-worker/fetch-request-css-images.https.html NEW P3 2020-06-11T14:43:07Z
1638455 Intermittent Assertion failure: IsCanceled() (Subclass Cancel() didn't set IsCanceled()!), at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/dom/workers/WorkerRunnable.cpp:245 ASSIGNED P5 2020-07-08T22:36:05Z
1642906 ThreadSanitizer: data race [@ assign_assuming_AddRef] vs. [@ get] through [@ GetPerformanceCounter] on mPerformanceCounter ASSIGNED -- 2020-07-09T05:24:26Z

16 Total; 16 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Status Priority Last change time
1645312 Have a permanent telemetry for tracking initialization success rate of client ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-03T10:00:55Z
1651593 Unchecked return value of db::GetKnownBodyIds() ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-09T06:53:33Z
1626514 Ensure there won't end up with many "\\?\" in everywhere ASSIGNED P2 2020-06-02T07:43:45Z
1647316 Have a test like dom/localstorage/test/unit/test_originInit.js for DOM Cache to test padding files and database ASSIGNED P3 2020-06-24T11:44:58Z
1648399 Add tests for sane behaviour with unexpected LS and Cache files ASSIGNED P3 2020-07-02T09:18:09Z
1648490 Profile Manager cannot remove the profile that contains a directory with a trailing dot NEW P3 2020-07-08T07:47:30Z
1521541 Continue the initialization even when a file or directory is broken after failing to recover it ASSIGNED P3 2020-07-03T13:04:01Z
1598555 QM: Move ambiguous storage initialization failures under a new key ASSIGNED P3 2020-05-07T10:04:51Z
1600352 Renew the QM_INIT_TELEMETRY_ERROR telemetry ASSIGNED P3 2020-05-07T10:06:42Z
1609625 Add a permanent telemetry for QM's temporary storage initialization time ASSIGNED P3 2020-05-14T10:00:51Z
1626261 Add a subtest (gtest) to verify the behaviors of changing `useDOSDevicePathSyntax` NEW P3 2020-04-20T14:01:05Z
1626523 Use "\\?\" prefix for UNC path on Windows NEW P3 2020-05-07T10:09:41Z
1628021 Find out why moving the early return for system principal from into nsRFPService would cause test failures NEW P3 2020-05-07T10:03:58Z
1640606 Throw while de-serializing instead of serializing if message contains a shared memory object ASSIGNED P3 2020-07-01T16:56:25Z
1641231 Follow pointer guideline for dom/quota/ActorsParent.cpp ASSIGNED P3 2020-06-11T09:41:40Z

15 Total; 15 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Status Priority Last change time
1639487 8 /service-worker/service-worker/ tests are marked as expected TIMEOUT NEW P3 2020-06-04T13:29:08Z

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Status Priority Last change time
1644780 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::cache::Connection::Close] ASSIGNED P1 2020-07-08T21:52:11Z
1634436 Add an encrypted IPC serializable stream implementation ASSIGNED P2 2020-06-25T16:20:58Z
1638396 Support IndexedDB in private browsing mode with encrypting blobs (pref-ed off in Release) ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-06T07:21:35Z
1639552 Encrypt IndexedDB SQLite databases in private browsing mode ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-06T07:23:29Z
1641178 Use a sufficiently secure encryption scheme ASSIGNED P2 2020-07-06T07:22:56Z
1600647 Clarify where strong references should be acquired NEW P2 2019-12-09T13:13:26Z
1603703 Make mozIStorageConnection safe against pointer ownership misuses NEW P3 2020-06-11T08:37:54Z
1639542 [meta] Support IndexedDB in Private Browsing Mode (with encrypted disk storage) ASSIGNED P3 2020-07-02T08:29:58Z
1639545 Also run IndexedDB mochitests in private browsing mode NEW P3 2020-07-06T07:25:27Z
1508202 [meta] Migrate some IDB tests to be WPT tests NEW P3 2019-12-19T07:28:07Z
1528300 Fix instability and re-enable idbdatabase-{create,delete}ObjectStore-exeception-order.htm NEW P3 2020-06-09T14:46:48Z
1587810 Define process for syncing local and global coding style NEW P3 2019-11-07T08:06:54Z
1602452 Several nsTLiteralString/nsTStringRepr member functions should be constexpr NEW -- 2020-06-11T08:41:47Z
1611415 std::move(x) should be preferred over x.forget() in construction/assignment REOPENED -- 2020-03-02T08:40:34Z
1634281 Unify various hashtable classes NEW -- 2020-04-30T16:23:28Z
1648010 Remove NS_*LITERAL_*STRING macros ASSIGNED -- 2020-07-03T15:45:01Z
1586788 [meta] DOM Local Code Style Evolution NEW -- 2020-07-07T09:32:56Z
1650145 Make Empty[C]String and Void[C]String constexpr ASSIGNED -- 2020-07-08T16:09:05Z
1650741 Remove unused gfx/2d/u16string.h ASSIGNED -- 2020-07-06T09:23:40Z
1650749 Clarify requirements for Comparator in nsTArray ASSIGNED -- 2020-07-06T09:42:39Z
1651323 [Static Analysis][Clang-Plugin] Add an annotation and static analysis for lifetime-bound member functions ASSIGNED -- 2020-07-08T22:39:39Z
1601556 Result<V, E> should be a literal type if V and E are literal types NEW -- 2019-12-13T13:29:17Z

22 Total; 22 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Status Priority Last change time
1601214 Set up performance tests for IndexedDB NEW P2 2020-05-14T09:15:46Z
1592593 LSNG: Auto close database connections after some time of inactivity ASSIGNED P3 2020-05-14T09:16:33Z
1612525 Make it possible to set up Linux build environment in Docker ASSIGNED P3 2020-05-29T12:30:31Z
1619953 Extend BlobURLChannel to always request and read BlobURL data from parent process ASSIGNED P3 2020-07-02T15:44:12Z
1636050 Replace the use of raw pointers with SafeRefPtr in CacheAPI NEW P3 2020-07-01T21:45:54Z
1642929 Remove all usage of BlobURLProtocolHandler::GetBlobURLPrincipal ASSIGNED P3 2020-07-02T07:34:24Z
1647710 Disable Broadcasting of http/https blob URLs ASSIGNED P3 2020-07-02T07:34:24Z
1340901 Update Snappy library to 1.1.8 version ASSIGNED P3 2020-05-20T10:58:08Z
1576573 Add telemetry for cursor preloading ASSIGNED P3 2019-12-04T10:44:57Z
1619943 [meta] BlobURL in Parent Process Only ASSIGNED -- 2020-06-23T13:37:53Z

10 Total; 10 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);