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The War on Storage Initialization Failures Project


chrome - Supported chrome://something - unsupported (by origin parser)

Goals / Plan:

  1. Fix Parser - done (not landed (path 3)
  2. Create a new base class for storage upgrade helpers - bug
  3. Create a new upgrade function 2.1-> 2.2 (!!! 2.0->3.0 is not OK)
  4. Collect a list of storage upgrades/Clean ups (for 2.2)


Full Query
Assigned to ID Summary Status Resolution Priority
1487779 Consider tracking the broken origin directory on Beta or Release NEW P2
1619891 QM: Improve Storage initialization success rate NEW P2
1619893 QM: Improve TemporaryStorage initialization success rate NEW P2
1619895 QM: Improve PersistentOrigin initialization success rate NEW P2
1619896 QM: Improve TemporaryOrigin initialization success rate NEW P2
1267349 Report to console if service worker script cannot be installed because dom/cache fails to open due to future schema version NEW P3
1348705 Netflix error 32660 (.metadata file blocks) NEW P3
1493262 Snippet does not appear on my Activity stream even though it's turned on in my preferences NEW P3
1502077 How to debug and recover from Unknown IndexedDB errors? NEW P3
1515682 Crashing Nightly while it is running out of storage space will not display the correct value of saved Cookies and Site Data NEW P3
1593365 QuotaManager storage v4 NEW P3
1624586 storage.local failing on developer edition 75 beta 7 UNCONFIRMED P3
1686041 Don't return generic NS_ERROR_FAILURE error code from nsLocalFile methods NEW --
1686060 Have a recovery path in case removal of .sqlite-shm file fails NEW --
1686697 A missing origin directory should not fail LoadQuotaFromCache completely NEW --
Tom Tung [:tt, :ttung] 1598555 QM: Move ambiguous storage initialization failures under a new key ASSIGNED P3
Tom Tung [:tt, :ttung] 1600352 Renew the QM_INIT_TELEMETRY_ERROR telemetry ASSIGNED P3

17 Total; 17 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);