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DOM Inspector has always had an undefined release schedule. Beginning with DOM Inspector 2.0.12, we will adopt a train-like release schedule. DOM Inspector releases will occur on a 12-week cycle, roughly corresponding to every two mozilla-central cycles. Before explaining the details of the schedule, a quick note:

The parity of a merge date refers to the incoming mozilla-central version number on that date. For example, as of this writing mozilla-central is at 14 and on 2012 April 24 is set to merge to mozilla-aurora, at which point mozilla-central will be at 15 for the next six weeks until June 5. Since April 24 will have an odd incoming version (15) on mozilla-central, that merge date (and the following six weeks) will be said to have an odd parity. Likewise, the six weeks that follow the June 5 merge date will be said to have an even parity.

On dates corresponding to odd-parity merges, dom-inspector will branch for localization. Only l10n fixes and no new development will be allowed on the branch for the six weeks following. Any development will occur on the default branch.

On dates corresponding to even-parity merges, dom-inspector will release from the branch that was frozen at the last odd-parity merge/development freeze and the branch will close.

Above, "dates corresponding to […] merges" is used intentionally. I (crussell) will not be able to branch or release when mozilla-central merge dates fall on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. In light of this caveat, the rule should be as simple as possible. Accordingly, it will go like this:

DOM Inspector's branch or release date will occur on the Wednesday before the mozilla-central merge date.