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Web Console/ConsoleObjectCompletion

Console Object Completion is a feature integrated into the Web Console (named generically 'sub-feature') therefore the testing approach will be similar and in interaction with the main feature.

General info/Overview

This feature tracks work that was originally blended into the WebConsole7 feature, but not completed for Firefox 7.

When the Web Console shipped with Firefox 4, it provided the first console object to be always available to content in Firefox. It provided enough of the console object to be useful (console.log being by far the most popular method on the object). However, it was still lacking in features that developers commonly use. |Feature users and use cases=You can open up the Web Console and type console.dir(window) and see a set of properties and values from the window object in the console object.

In a JavaScript program, you can use and console.groupEnd to visually group together related log messages. |Feature requirements=* The console object implements the portion of the API that is implemented by both Firebug and WebKit. Notably, this includes time, timeEnd, dir, group and groupEnd.

Feature page

Tracking bug

Tracking bug is divided for this feature, meaning
bug 658368 for time/timeEnd
bug 664131 for group/groupEnd

Feature status

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Console Object Completion
Stage Landed
Status Complete
Release target Firefox 10
Health OK
Status note `

Testing status

Current testing status for the feature - to be provided every week or when it is necessary (highlight any outstanding issue or blocker if it's the case/testing is ongoing as planned)
  • E.g.: week 46 updates:
  • E.g.: week 45 updates:


Team members
  • Development : Kevin Dangoor, Panos Astithas
  • Security
  • QA : Vlad Maniac (irc: vladmaniac)
  • Contributors : AlexLakatos (irc: AlexLakatos)
  • Other members


Available builds 
feature is landed in Firefox 10
DOWNLOAD BUILDS - latest-mozilla-aurora
DOWNLOAD BUILDS - latest-mozilla-nightly
Mochitests available (link to mochitests and what has been covered by mochitests)



Environment needed
  • Firefox clean build with new profile How To?
  • Firefox 'dirty' profile
  • No extra settings needed
Preparations for test
  • No extra preparations needed
Areas planned to be covered by testing
  • Functional
Areas that will not be covered by testing (not in scope)
  • Automation

Use cases

group/groupEnd[, object, ...])

Writes a message to the console and opens a nested block to indent all future messages sent to the console. Call console.groupEnd() to close the block.

console.groupCollapsed(object[, object, ...])

Like, but the block is initially collapsed.


Closes the most recently opened block created by a call to or console.groupCollapsed()


Creates a new timer under the given name. Call console.timeEnd(name) with the same name to stop the timer and print the time elapsed..


Stops a timer created by a call to console.time(name) and writes the time elapsed.

Focus on

[DONE] Functionality of, console.groupEnd(), console.time(), console.timeEnd()
[ON TRACK] Corner cases
  • Optional, does not affect the sign-off criteria

Bug queries

See the PROJECT STATUS PAGE for feature bugs and dependencies

Manual testing

List of testcases and scenarios
  • For this feature in particular, testcases can be identified with the use cases
Corner cases (optional)
Exploratory testing




[DONE] Basic Functionality
  • Windows PASS
  • Linux PASS
  • Mac PASS
Comments/Unreproducible issues
  • none so far
[ON TRACK] Corner cases
Logged issues as a result of corner cases


sign-off criteria
  • Sign off criteria for merge (Aurora -> Beta)
    • Callback of and console.time functions echo desired result
    • Basic functionality requirements are addressed
  • Sign off criteria for release (Beta -> Released)
    • Callback of and console.time functions echo desired result
    • Basic functionality requirements are addressed
    • Testing coverage of all situations/scenarios cause no blocker bugs