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Feature Status ETA Owner
DevTools/Features/WebConsole5 Bugs landing/in review 2011-04-12 Kevin Dangoor


With the move to timed releases for Firefox, it becomes harder to target specific features at a given Firefox release. However, there are some Web Console improvements that we will strive to get into Firefox 5 and this project is tracking those improvements.

The most common complaint about the Web Console during the Firefox 4 beta cycle is the inability to move the console around (people either want it in a separate window or at the bottom of the window).

We would also like to see some autocompletion improvements and ideally land the console service that would allow messages to queue up before the user opens the console.

Related Bugs & Dependencies

See the status page.


  • David Dahl: lead developer (console service, repositioning console)
  • Mihai Sucan: developer (autocompletion, other fixes)
  • Kevin Dangoor: PM
  • Vlad Maniac: QA engineer (feature testing, automation)


These are just some initial improvements to the console. Given the short timeline for Firefox 5, this is just a feature to track a small collection of items we would like to land.Cateogry:DevTools