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Do not edit this page THIS PAGE IS PROPOSED FOR DELETION 05/27/2020
This information is very outdated, please see for the current profiling infrastructure.

What is a Kanban board

If you are reading this, you were probably looking at one of the tools Kanban boards. A Kanban board is a way of managing the flow of work through engineering from writing down the requirement to finally landing the feature without some big heavy process or methodology. Please note that this is NOT SCRUM. Here we simply "stack" user stories into work piles that we process. Product management has a work pile of user stories they prepare for engineering to work on, and engineering has a work pile of user stories that are prioritized and ready to be implemented.

To track the pile of user stories related to performance management, we created the tracking bug 928571, also known by the alias "perf-kanban". To put a user story on the board, just create a "bug" that contains a user story or requirement, and make it block "perf-kanban". At that point, it's in what we call "the backlog". To get it going into the flow, just set the pm-scrub flag to "?" and now it goes into the pile of work for product management to look at. When PM has done the required work of scrubbing the user story (making sure there are no duplicates, that it has mockups, and that it fits into the "product story line" and that it's appropriately prioritized) then the PM flag is set to + and any engineer can assign themselves to it and implement it. After that, it's business as usual.

Bottom line: ideally, you want to work on new features that block "perf-kanban" and have the pm-scrub flag set to "+".

As a standard disclaimer: the process of preparing user stories for implementation isn't just a PM task, engineers and engineering managers at Mozilla should always be a part of the process of validating and refining any user story.

Note that Bugzilla is the source of truth. The only thing this page contains are some convenient Bugzilla queries that you may as well do on Bugzilla if you prefer.