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This is the page for the Developer Day to be held on March 30th, 2007 in Boston.


  • Hotel @ MIT, Boston, Massachusetts
    • 3rd Floor, Hunsaker Rooms A, B & C
  • Booking Procedure: Email Mary ( asap if need a room w. your arrival and departure date -- there are a few left with the group rate.
  • Approximately 11:00AM to 9:00PM (Eastern/local)
  • Meal details -- Breakfast (coffee, scones, etc), lunch and dinner provided.
  • Hotel group rate info:
Hotel @ MIT, 20 Sidney Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
$159 per night (double occupancy) - 3/29 & 3/30
  • Local travel information TBD
  • Interested in room sharing? Add your name below.


Proposed Topics

Live Blogging


Please put yourself in an appropriate section below, as befits your level of confidence and interest. If you are attending, please note whether or not you have booked your room. Please also use the template provided, as it will make it much easier for us to work with the data. Thanks!


"I will be attending. Full stop."

  • Mike Shaver (shaver, add-ons, MDC); your cruise director
  • Mark Finkle (mfinkle, extensions, components, docs, tools & samples); Thing 1
  • John Resig (jresig, JavaScript, libraries, web apps); Thing 2
  • Eric Shepherd (sheppy, MDC, documentation); The Grinch
  • Dave Humphrey (dave, Seneca,; Indoctrinating by the dozen
  • Jeff Walden (Waldo, testing/JS/E4X/network/other random stuff/everything I can investigate and absorb); Easter break! no classes!
  • Rob Campbell (robcee, testing); Making humans obsolete
  • Mel Reyes (mrtech, eMusic, xulrunner, extensions); just a hack
  • Deb Richardson (dria, formerly known as MDC, now Labs and Fx3...stuff); I like traffic lights
  • Daniel Brooks (db48x, xul apps); flight and room booked
  • Zach Lipton (zach, QA, Litmus, webtools, where the wind takes me); If I'm going to miss one day of class, might as well go for two!
  • Benjamin Smedberg (bsmedberg, build/toolkit/etc mozillaguy); let's rewrite makepp in a day!
  • Ted Mielczarek (luser, Breakpad (née Airbag)/build hacking); it's only a 5 hour drive...
  • Christopher Aillon (caillon, Linux); it's only a few minutes drive...
  • Reed Loden (reed, IT/webtools/anything and everything); Let's make a full weekend of fun out of it!
  • Ryan Flint (Ryan, webtools/front-end); Flight & hotel booked
  • Stuart Parmenter (Pavlov, graphics/etc); east side!
  • Mike Beltzner (beltzner, usability, interface design); the canadian invasion continues
  • Vlad Vukicevic (vlad, gfx 3d cool stuff); etc
  • Rob Sayre (sayrer, platform); let's rewrite remora in Erlang!
  • Mike Connor (mconnor, Firefox); travel is hard on fat people
  • Seokchan (Channy) Yun (channy, L10N ko module); i'll try real-time blogging!
  • Asa Dotzler (Asa, Community Empowerment, catastrophist); MediaWiki is no evite
  • Karl Guertin (grayrest, ex-frontend/slacker); 10 min walk from my apt, oh yeah (I have a spare futon if someone is too poor/cheap for hotel)
  • Window Snyder (window, Security Wonderwoman);
  • Seth Bindernagel (sethb, Mozilla); description of community--accepting requests for and answering questions about resources for the community
  • Ricky Gomez (rickygomez, I can contribute to firefox3-offline support); 3.5 hour drive
  • Joey Minta (jminta, calendar/Places-newbie); interns are people too
  • Kevin Brosnan (kbrosnan, Help and support/QA when time permits); Next stop Central Station
  • Aman Kumar (aik, QA, Litmus, feedback analysis); Probably interning at Mozilla over the summer and was in the area
  • Jason Orendorff (jorend, sponge); strange questions

Probably (logistics)

"I'll be attending if I can sort out travel/timing/permission from my parole office."

  • Makinde Adeagbo (makinde, TotalRecall/History); do I have class that day?
  • Nicholas Reville (reville, ?); i hope so

Probably (content)

"I'll likely be there, but I'm not certain until I get a better picture of what's going on."

  • Mark Mentovai (mento, Breakpad fka Airbag, Mac widget, build config); Is this supposed to be loosely structured, or is the agenda just really well-hidden? [ed.: loosely structured]
  • Gary Johnson (GMGJ, Just a lurker); Maybe I can find a way to make myself useful
  • Ken Herron (kherron, unix printing); I'm mostly a former developer these days


"I'd like to have been there, but I have other commitments, or a severe allergy to lizard-logo T-shirts." (This will help us "size the market" for future such events, especially in this area.)

  • Adam Guthrie (ispiked, QA, anything that's easy enough for me to handle); School stuff