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This is the page for the Developer Day to be held on March 25th, 2007 in Mountain View.


  • Mozilla Corporation offices, Mountain View, California
    • 2121 Landings Drive, Building S, Mountain View
  • Approximately 10:00AM to 7:00PM (Pacific/local)
  • Hotel group rate info:
    • Hotel Avante, 860 El Camino Real, Mountain View, 94041
    • $139.00 per night - Sat checkin / Sun checkout
    • Reservations: [Jeanine Conforti] 650-864-1621 ph (contact Jeanine to get the rate)


Proposed Topics


Please put yourself in an appropriate section below, as befits your level of confidence and interest. Please also use the template provided, as it will make it much easier for us to work with the data. Thanks!


"I will be attending. Full stop."

  • Mike Shaver (shaver, add-ons, MDC); your cruise director
  • Jesse Andrews (anotherjesse, extensions,offline apps,greasemonkey); hacker
  • Alex Vincent (WeirdAl, editing/DOM/XUL enthusiast); eccentric
  • Tony Parisi (tparisi, X3D Guru); alpha geek
  • Vlad Vukicevic (vlad, gfx/layout/canvas/3D/thebes/sqlite); etc.
  • Mark Finkle (mfinkle, extensions, xulapps, webdev); dev rel
  • Rob Helmer (rhelmer, automation, buildbot, testing, extensions); releng
  • Basil Hashem (basil, firefox3, labs, partnerships, distribution); overhead
  • Christopher Aillon (caillon, linux); in town Mar. 24-26
  • Justin Dolske (dolske, Firefox); mostly harmless
  • David Baron (dbaron, Gecko Layout/CSS, W3C standards);
  • Devon Jensen (velcrospud, extension developer);
  • S. Sriram (, biz plan developer); } interested in site specific browsers capsule navigators
  • Seth Spitzer (sspitzer, Firefox); places/software update
  • Seth Bindernagel (sethb, Mozilla); description of community--accepting requests for and answering questions about resources for the community
  • Britt Selvitelle (britt, greasemonkey, extensions, webdev); That guy.
  • Manish Singh (yosh, flock, feeds, releng);
  • Erwan Loisant (erwan, flock, blog, bookmarks);
  • Dan Mosedale (dmose, Firefox content-handling, Calendar, Thunderbird, stuff); hacker
  • John Gaunt (redfive, Songbird developer: XULRunner, extensions, js, etc);
  • Jay Weber (jcweber, AJAX3D, multi-user 3D);
  • Dan Mills (v_thunder, Firefox, partner repacks, places);
  • Dave Camp (campd, xulapps, offline apps);
  • Mike Schroepfer (schrep, administrative overhead);
  • Alex Faaborg (faaborg, user experience, firefox3, labs);

Probably (logistics)

"I'll be attending if I can sort out travel/timing/permission from my parole office."

  • Place Q. Holder (ircnick, major area of activity); notes go here
  • Kurt Cagle; XForms pusher (red pill or blue?)
  • Scott S. McCoy (tag, mozilla for corporate software evangelist/writer of commentary papers/general supporter); I'll make it if I can find sufficiently inexpensive accommodations.
  • Leslie W (mashup toolkits, grease-less monkeys, XULRunner on OS X, HCI)
  • Jeremy Gillick (Mozilla Extensions, SpiderMonkey hacking)
  • Myk Melez (myk, Firefox, microsummaries, site-specific prefs)
  • J. Paul Reed (preed, build infra, release process, tinderbox); Build/Release Engineering

Probably (content)

"I'll likely be there, but I'm not certain until I get a better picture of what's going on."

  • Place Q. Holder (ircnick, major area of activity); notes go here


"I'd like to have been there, but I have other commitments, or a severe allergy to lizard-logo T-shirts." (This will help us "size the market" for future such events, especially in this area.)

  • Place Q. Holder (ircnick, major area of activity); notes go here