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General information: Paris June 2007

Proposed Topics

Feel free to add an item here if there's something that you'd particularly like to discuss with your fellow Mozilla developers at this DevDay. Please indicate your name and give a brief description of what you think a discussion of this topic should include. Links to more information are always a good idea! (Don't forget to say on the main Paris page that you're coming!)

  • XUL development tools (shaver). Given the strength of the XUL community in France especially, I think it would be great to talk a bit about what the current tools are (including libraries), what things are still harder than they should be, and what opportunities for improvement people see.
  • XUL (Enn). Related to the above, a discussion about the future of XUL itself including planned improvements for Mozilla 1.9 and 2.0 and also what areas or features developers feel are lacking or need improvement.
  • Multimedia & Gecko (unknown; migrated from main page)
  • Hacking Mozilla in Europe - pros and cons vs. North America (unknown; migrated from main page)
  • MDC and localization (sheppy). We'd like to learn and discuss how to work better with MDC localizers, to make our documentation great for developers all over the world.
  • Develop a one place remote storage of you prefered add-ons in order to avoid forget some add ons when you install firefox on multiple computers. Exemple an administrator could have a set of very usefull add ons and be able to install this set upon all the computers of its network.

Demo Signups

Add a quick note here, preferably with a link, if you've got an application, extension, or robotic animal to demonstrate. (We're going to try to keep the demos quick and sharp, so you might want to practice giving a great demo in 4-5 minutes!)

  • Codeeditor (Paul Rouget) - a new editor widget based on scintilla (syntax hightlightning, folding support, etc)
  • BBComposer and KGen (Nicolas Froidure) - Announcement of KGen 0.2 and BBComposer 0.8.
  • FUEL JavaScript library for extension developers (jresig)
  • SCENARI, a Xulrunner application for document editing and publishing
  • AllPeers: a Firefox extension for sharing files and webpages with friends and family (Jan Odvarko)
  • OpenBerg Lector: Read e-Books within Firefox. (David Teller).
  • Joost: Watch free TV using the Mozilla platform (Allan Beaufour)
  • FullerScreen and FullerScreen Pro: a slideshow mode and a slideshow editor for Firefox (Daniel Glazman)
  • RBS Change: a XUL remote web CMS (latest development version, only reachable through a VPN connection, if available :-/ Sébastien Courvoisier)
  • If i can come : Firevox: a screenreader for Firefox by Charles L. Chen (Aurélien Levy)
  • Benefit from Courtanet: a XUL application/extension used by several hundreds of French insurance brokers (echavane/Courtanet team)
  • TomTom HOME2: navigation device management with a XULRunner application (Ben Bucksch)
  • JS 1.7 goodness for query APIs: Doing Generators and Iterators