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  • Dan
  • Jason
  • Sole
  • Potch
  • Havi

Jason updates

  • budget - events funding has been removed
  • welcome to the team - more 'recruiting' internal & external

Name of team

  • devrel vs techevan vs dev-advocacy? Others?

Hacks blog year-end strategy

Update on events

Community Evangelism

  • Program to mentor & empower Mozillian developer evangelists in regional communities (in collaboration w/Tenser's team)
    • Havi looking for team buy-in / interest in aligning with Tenser to reboot "evangelism reps"
    • havi will schedule call w/Tenser before year-end and include others/report back

Workday Tasks

Top Conferences

  • What audiences are we trying to reach?
    • web practitioners
  • What kinds of conferences?
    • Partial list:
    • Potch + callahad: preference for more intimate 1 or 2 track confs for impact. reaching larger more engaged audiences for *real* also: serendipity
    • Sole: Way more impact / engagement at JSConf (tweets, etc.)
  • how do we measure impact
    • SalesForce Radian6 is a social media reach / measurement tool. UserEngagement standardizing on it. Havi's skeptical, but it seems to be what PR is standardizing on.
    • Attendance, "vibe", sense of engagement (questions received, post-presentation conversations), Bugzilla bugs filed / revived. Guest authors recruited for Hacks blog.

CFPs - Suggestions

Product Teams

  • Dan: Tools
  • Potch: Desktop
  • Sole: WebAPIs / Platform

Repo - and Project Ideas

  • Tools App - GUI or Game based?
  • WebRTC based App
  • Framework Examples?
  • WebNFC?
  • Apple Hand-off app with Fred's Team

New Hire Suggestions

Media Training

  • We should all have it. Emali Jason.



Action Items

  • Havi: Circulate etherpad for Hacks 2014 end-of-year post:
  • Havi: Schedule call with Tenser to keep ball rolling on community - Friday 8am PST
  • Jason: Query everyone to collect 1-2 specific, individual quarterly goals for Q1
  • Jason: Sign everyone up for media training with Justin
  • Dan: Figure out how we measure conference impact
  • Dan: Figure out mailing list situation
    • Filed Service Now request to take over admin of
  • January: Reconsider team communication channels
    • Slack? (closed bad, ux good)
    • Mailing list?
  • January: Team name? Andreas likes DevRel, some of us like Developer Advocacy.
    • I vote for 'TEAM AWESOME' (case sensitive), but am flexible.