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  • Jason
  • Sole
  • Dan
  • Potch
  • Havi

Remaining obligations to other teams?

  • Sole: handing/establishing some direction with node-firefox and apps eng friends but also working with that because I have a talk on fosdem later this month!
  • Potch: a few Brick bits
  • Callahad: Persona / Gmail bridge needs rewriting since Google is killing its OpenID endpoint in February. Collaborating with Shane Tomlinson in Cloud Services.

Topics in a Box

  • What are they
    • re-usable technical content in finite/transferable modules (Sm, M, Lg)
    • speakers can use & reuse - accompanied by code/video/demos/examples/screencasts (!) -- easily maintained and updated
    • Example topics
      • SpeechRT
      • Inapp Payments
      • Localization
      • Inapp Advertising
      • WebRTC/Web Audio
      • NFC!
      • C++ to ASM.js example - LLJS
        • emscripten?
        • asm.js + canvas / webgl
        • asm.js + web audio <- mine!! (sole)
      • WebGL/Canvas tag Debugging
      • Developer Hud, Live Memory, New Perf Tool - Fxos App - Axel Devtools
        • "what the heck does the developer hud do?"
      • Valence Example "why should I use fx dev tools?"

MDN's Wiki for potential topics:

Recurring meeting with MDN

Havi to followup

Community Speaker Recruitment

  • Havi + Dietrich to work on this
  • Mozillian Andre Natal good person to beta test with?


  • Currently evaluating boards to port FxOS to. Currently looking at BeagleBoard.
  • Want to be involved in picking boards? Talk to Jason.
    • Luke Crouch is very interested in this; Callahad has emailed him.
    • Potch is interested in getting Firefox to talk to Arduino. *** How do we RS-232?
      • Or an intermediate solution with the extra board shield that does wifi or bluetooth?

Product Team Leaders

Want: Who should we talk to for each group we want to work with?

  • DevTools: Dave Camp
  • WebAPIs: Andrew Overholt?
  • FirefoxOS: Fabrice Desre
  • Platform: ? ... maybe Andrew knows something! sole will ask him
  • Cloud Services: Mark Mayo owns, but Ian Bicking/Toby Elliott may be more responsive

Conferences for 2015

Good resource?


Action items

  • Havi: Combined MDN & Hacks team mtg
  • Jason: Shared calendar
  • Potch: will reach out to Fred to collaborate on "Hand-off" project (aka Continuity)