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  • callahad
  • sole
  • potch
  • jason
  • havi

Team Intro on Monday Meeting

  • Names are hard. Havi, Potch, Sole, Dietrich, Dan
    • Also, the team is now called Developer Relations. (Andreas and HR like it.)
  • We we are going to work on: talking, writing, interacting in 3 key areas:
    1. closer embedded relationships w/product teams > embedgelism
    2. grow community of technical speakers - mentorship, collateral, access to product teams
    3. closer relationships w/Research teams to advance new technologies
  • Call to action: Got something cool? INFORM US. Got something to share w/developers - we can help you write or speak about it
    • Suggested channel to talk with us? #devrel IRC (mailing list coming soon)

Flames for non-Mozillians

The blog:

  • Would love your thoughts about Hacks, cadence, topics, new directions.
  • Building Hacks posts into the workflow of what you do as evangelists: Recruiting new authors, new topics?
  • Revisiting some basic assumptions
    • Sole: Hacks for things that are finished/vs personal blog for things in progress
    • Posting about Moz Product work in progress
    • New & notable posts (for all major products) on all the work we're doing.
    • Guests don't need to be "celebrity developers"
    • Matthew Claypotch: post - web audio OR firefox.html
    • Jason Weathersby: JS to asm.js
    • Sole will write when she's done with handing off old tasks - right now all's very hectic

DevRel team meeting: notes / process

  • Gdocs / Etherpad / wiki / GitHub?

GitHub unfamiliar, Etherpad and Gdocs inaccessible. Wiki is best, most transparent option.

Team Embedding

  • Goals
    • Improved Developer Advocacy and feedback
    • More knowledgeable Evangelist
  • Current assignments
    • Dan - Developer Tools Dave Camp
    • Sole - WebAPI with Andrew Overholt
    • Others are TBD

Research Initiatives - ideas?

Community Evangelism Program

  • Better 2-way communication with developers in regional communities
  • Training on product enhancements
  • Shared Collateral creation - Demos, scripts, source code
  • One on One mentoring with Evangelism Team members
  • Help With Expenses


  • Jason: Draft team intro email to all@mozilla
  • Dan + Havi: Get this data out of etherpads
  • Spend calories thinking about iot boards