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  • Dietrich
  • Soledad
  • Jason
  • Potch
  • Havi
  • Dan

Standing Agenda Items

Team Embedding Status

  • Dietrich is putting together an overview of all teams/and stuff
  • Jason is putting together a weekly email to team leads to draw out topics for evangelism

Where is everyone?

  • Potch is on the Gaming autonomous collective w/ Martin Best
  • Sole is on WebAPI layer w/ Andrew Overholt
  • Callahad is on DevTools w/ Dave Camp

We need someone for Jason to reach out to on FxOS. Also, several major areas don't have embedded engineers:

  • Marketplace
  • Cloud Services
  • FxOS
  • Research / Rust / Servo
  • Fennec
  • Desktop

Havi attended her first 7 AM FxOS weekly update meeting. Mostly focuses on launch countries, etc. Could put that info in a weekly etherpad? Not many major changes in a given quarter. Maybe focus evangelism info on just that level of granularity, rather than weekly? NOTE: the meeting contains proprietary/partner info. Best way to report back to team - TBD

Keep an eye on Panasonic FxOS integration. What's the developer story?

Potch spoke with Jason about GDC. Martin Best joined in and gave Potch a big brain dump. Focus is on demonstrating that we've done things we've promised.

  • Focus on ubiquity of Web platform for games (and tooling).
  • Embargoed major partner announcement at GDC.
  • Potch working with cvan on Galaxy (web games portal)
  • GDC is at the same time as MWC -- March 2-6 at Moscone
  • Other ideas of things we should do? In-booth demos to focus on? Talk to Potch.

MWC is not requesting any help from Evangelism (per Pete Scanlon, etc.)

Sole still getting started. Spoke with Andrew, got topic ideas for Hacks... followed by an avalanche of other people wanting Sole to write articles about things. "You'll write this article / tutorial / etc for us, right?"

  • Where should we collect topic ideas? Wiki?
  • Paul Rouget wants someone to help write articles, tweets, etc., regarding @firefoxnightly updates
  • Dietrich's strategy: "That's a great idea! You know about it, maybe you should write the draft and we can help edit and amplify it."

Dan spent most of last week focusing on DevRel team and infrastructure, focusing this week on reintegrating into DevTools team. Major updates:

Hacks Posts

Focus: feature drops & product releases (e.g., FxOS Broadcast Channel, Overlay)

Add Hacks ideas at

Planned for this week:

Upcoming CFPs

CFPs are being posted at the end date on the Evangelist Speaking Calendar with links/event details:

  • JSConf (May 27-29) CFP closes Jan 30 @ 9 AM Pacific
  • (March 26-27) CFP closes Jan 31
  • From the Front (September 17-18) CFP closes March 1

Upcoming Talks

  • sole at FOSDEM 1 or 2 february
  • potch helping with the Codecademy Code Cadets workshop

Trip Reports

One-off Agenda Items

Measuring Impact

Jason met with John Jensen for ideas of how we can measure evangelism impact. Links with metrics to put into talks, etc? Jason still sorting through stuff, more later. But think about: how do we measure what we do?

Speaker Evangelism / Firefox OS

Dietrich put together a spreadsheet of folks speaking on FxOS. Mainly Google searches. Tried to figure out who was giving talks. Moz / partner employees? Mozillians? Other / "dark matter" evangelism? Who's doing this already, and how can we make it easier for them?

  • Topic in a Box?
  • Financial support?

Haven't gone through list in detail, and it's on FxOS at the moment, but clear room for repeating this for other launches. E.g., Firefox Hello. What's coming up, who are our dark matter / regional evangelists, and how can we support them in a timely, coordinated way? Havi and Dietrich to further develop / refine.

(phrase of the day: dark matter evangelism FTW +1)

Jason: Firefox Hello's landing was a surprise to a bunch of folks. How could we have gotten a heads up 2 weeks before landing? That's the key to our new evangelism efforts.

Jason: I wish we could standardize on Bugzilla keywords. Dietrich: Yeah, not gonna happen. But there are things like Trello boards that we can follow and ensure that we can consistently identify what bugs represent new features.

Last minute topics

Per-release Platform feature reviews!