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  • Dan
  • Potch
  • Havi
  • Dietrich

Standing Agenda Items

Brief Team Status


  • (Having his internet connection worked on)


  • Wrapping up Valence Topic in a Box.
  • DevTools team starting to probe for ideas re: targeting tools at content creators, likely starting with web animations.
  • Winding down Persona involvement, one last development task remaining.
  • This week: conference and workshop prep



  • Shipping monthly Apps & Hacks newsletter Tues, 1/27
  • Publishing


  • JSConf CfPs! (dev-webdev@ mailing list, )
    • "Scratch that itch- build command line tools in node"
    • "Custom Elements Today"
    • "Sample-level Web Audio"
  • Prepping for tomorrow's Code Cadets workshop
    • Borrowing generously from dietrich's materials


Hacks Posts

Add Hacks ideas at

Planned for this week:

Upcoming CFPs


  • SolidCon (June 23-25) closed.
    • We decided not to submit

Closing imminently

  • JSConf (May 27-29) CFP closes Jan 30 @ 9 AM Pacific
    • Who's submitting? Great conf, full of the audience we want to reach.
      • Potch has submitted one! Has two more in the hopper. Go Potch!
      • Chris L. from WebEng is probably submitting something about Travis, GH-Pages, etc. to deploy static webapps ("Ramen Ops")
      • dev-webdev mailing list a good way to get an overview of who's submitting
  • (March 26-27) CFP closes Jan 31

Other Topics

Update on Product Owners (Dietrich)

Couple of things:

  • Overview of quarterly activity by group (PMs: "Are you evangelizing our right thing when we need it?")
    • An hour building a spreadsheet == "Wow, we have a lot of conflicting or uncoordinated priorities"
    • We have n launches this quarter, we should make sure we have Hacks posts + community speakers lined up. Maybe there's a conference or event in the launch markets?
    • What we do as a team: try to understand what choices are people making around what platform technologies (web? native?) and what tools to use?
    • How do we look for streams of events that we should be aware of? Dietrich watches Bugzilla things with keyword feature.
    • See "data sources" tab on
  • Figuring out product owners for unembedded teams still in progress

Firefox Hello Evangelism

  • Dietrich writing small post on Web Activities for Hello on FxOS
  • See etherpad:
  • Havi working on wrangling a post, but not a ton of developer story beyond "here's how we built it"
    • Talk about it as an example of WebRTC (havi to include Dietrich in next rev of Hacks post conversation. if we want wwebRTC to have success beyond Hello, we need materials to make this platform more accessible - demystifying complexity of platform. )

Value of Small Event Sponsorship?

Ongoing conversation around funding levels for event sponsorship. One product is recognizing funding levels: flagship, sending a speaker, local meetups ($100 for pizza, or use of space, etc.)

Question from Shezmeen, etc.: How do these small sponsorships tie back to MAUs? To increased use of our products? No immediately clear answer. Send ideas of Dietrich.

One suggestion: Some kind of permanent collateral (permalink) that goes along with the talk at that time and location. A blog post? Slides + video? That becomes ongoing place for conversation and lets you gauge involvement and impact years later.

What about smaller things? "We'll buy the pizza" level. How do you explain that to an executive?

"How do you quantify the value of buying dinner for the customer you're trying to sell to?"

  • look at the "justification for building our spaces" and having huge dedicated community areas -> middleton, quiviger
    • Flipside: MozLondon had issues around, e.g., outside folks holding interviews in the London community space.
    • "we have no spaces in the midwest"

Rotating Project Meeting Section?

  • Dietrich working on a communication plan -- both external and internal.
  • We want something in the project meeting.
  • Potch happy to be our voice from time to time; send him the gist of what we should cover.
    • Hacks authors!

Make TechEvan Calendar Public?

  • Not yet -- we're using it for both CFPs and where people are traveling.
  • First step: Break out CFPs into their own calendar and publish that. (Havi will break out CFPs into their own calendar)

Community Evangelism in light of MoFo's Radical Participation Document

  • Potch has chatted with an external guy (George) at Mitchell's request to explore how explicit evangelism might fit into this plan.
  • Homework: Read this. Think about it for next week.

Anything Else?