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  • jason
  • sole
  • callahad
  • potch
  • havi

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Workday goals in from 3/5 of team members. Need them from the other 2.
    • Email to Jason by end of day for review; actually put in Workday after approval.
  • Kudos to sole for an awesome hacks post on node-firefox!
    • Technical, honest, intelligent article. Exactly what we want DevRel to be.
  • Jason OOO at CTO offsite We/Th/Fr this week.
  • Jason wants to see way more movement on Topic in a Box. Meeting next week.

Nonverbal Updates


  • Worked with Marketplace on Orange integration
  • Working on IOT strategy
  • Recruiting Aubrey as a contractor for IOT/WOT


  • Mailing list: techevan is now a working alias to devrel RITM0032806
  • Persona/Google Bridge transition to OAuth from OpenID ready for testing in stage; aiming for deploy next week.
    • After this, the only work remaining is communicating the project's future maintenance commitment.
  • Ongoing work on conference repertoire, registration, travel + lodging, etc.
  • I figured out my Workday goals!
  • Next week:
    • In NYC to attend UNICEF meeting about humanitarian F/OSS projects (aka "Libre Corps")
    • Goal of completing the talk outline for one of my PyCon presentations and most of the Fluent workshop



  • Hacks blog: Editorial calendar starting to get real.
    • Thanks for writing (Sole & Jason!) and responding to comments. Preparing January Hacks Metrics report for distro today.
  • Upcoming Hacks posts
    • Tues: Exploring object-fit - open for editorial review: -- Reminder: Don't forget to exit when you are through editing post.
    • Wed/Thurs: Introducing counter styles (CSS Level 3)- (tentative, not ready for review)
  • Work in progress in defining Tech Speaker Training Pilot w/Remo folks -
  • IoT Workshop for Moz staff tmrw in Mtn View
  • Firefox Apps & Hacks newsletter - Spanish edition shipped last week.
    • Q: what is the address of it? curious to have a look


  • Tanks work continues- RTC multi-player controllers wtih cvan
  • Working on general CfP material I can use for various confs
    • submitting for CascadiaJS, EmpireJS, ScotlandJS


  • Wrapping up node-firefox stuff (i.e. pending bug test cases), AppsEng should be taking over now
  • Preparing/researching for upcoming talks: Web Components, and also FirefoxOS new apis in action + cool things sole likes like Web Audio. All at the same time! Currently trying to learn how to use WifiDirect (using Guillaume's Hacks post)
  • Got lots of input/feedback/discussions on how to involve a) people from mozilla that are not usually front facing b) people from the community. Are we all getting this too? probably related to the radical participation notion! (Are we still discussing this?). I will write my ideas to devrel this week.
  • I asked someone who worked on Hello and they said they don't really have a "user story" for developers, it is more of an "end user" project, i.e. there's no developer API
  • Might want to write a small demo / update on how to push gaia apps to a phone using the new WebIDE feature, so the team gets feedback/usage/testing. Jeff suggested not to publish it in Hacks just in case it gets backed out even if it's in Nightly. What do we think of this? Shall it go to Hacks or to a personal blog? (Sole has spare website bandwidth "to stop a train" as we say in Spanish)

Hacks Posts

Add Hacks ideas at

  • Sole has a question re WebIDE new thing which is Nightly: do we want to publish in Hacks about things that might be backed out?

Planned for this week:

  • Tues: Exploring object-fit - open for editorial review: -- Reminder: Don't forget to exit when you are through editing post.
  • Wed/Thurs: Introducing counter styles (CSS Level 3)- (tentative, not ready for review)

Upcoming CFPs

QuickLeft's TechConf Monthly is an awesome resource. The February issue is at

Subscribe at , but double check your subscriptions in the confirmation email: it defaults to the spammiest possible settings.

Closing imminently

Other Topics

Meeting Structure

TL;DR: Let's keep this to 30 minutes and only include items in the agenda if they can be resolved in the meeting.

Q & A

Q (sole): In the DevTools Apps Meeting, there's some work being done to directly push Gaia apps from WebIDE, without a separate build step. Cool, but might get backed out. Should we blog about this and other experimental features?

A: Yes! Just put a big warning sign flagging that it's experimental. BIG UNDER CONSTRUCTION GIF!

Q (callahad): Should we maintain the upcoming CFP section in meeting?

A: Nah, we have the calendar.

Q (sole): People ask me all the questions re: community involvement, what should I answer, who should I point to'

A: Dietrich and Havi have been meeting to put together a proposal around templates, etc. Want to do a small pilot with a limited number of speakers that we route through an application form, but we'll probably invite the first cohort as an alpha test, and so we can announce a program in Q2.