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(February 16th, 2015 meeting was skipped due to a US holiday)


  • Jason
  • Havi
  • Dietrich
  • Potch
  • Callahad

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Workday Goals
    • We had some leeway for Q1, will not have that leeway for Q2. Get them in if you haven't already.
  • Open Headcount
    • We have two more headcount for the year. Looking to get job description and position opened up in the next few weeks; HR backlog may take longer.
  • Content Kits
    • Reviewed callahad and cmill kits on Friday. Good start, but not great. If we're going to make speaker evangelism successful, we really need to double down on documenting these and providing collateral.

Nonverbal Updates


  • Got approved to bring in Aubrey
  • Talked with Telenor on their IOT strategy
  • Setup a Codementor talk for March
  • Working on writeup for addition 38 features


  • First round of stickers ordered for evangelists.
    • Mine arrived!
  • Persona Gmail update getting QA'd on stage:
  • Ongoing work on conference repertoire, registration, travel + lodging, etc.
    • PyCon talk on CoreOS fully outlined, focusing on Fluent and Rust talks.
    • Rust is breaking me, but I've got most of the PyCon talk outlined.
  • Content Kits (formerly Topics in a Box) scoped; awaiting summary email from MDN
  • Attended UNICEF / RIT Libre Corps inaugural planning meeting in NYC, trip report next week once Dr. Jacobs distributes summary material.
    • TL:DR; UNICEF has humanitarian software needs, RIT has students that need internships. They've worked together successfully on a few projects, most recently in Kosovo. Trying to figure out how to scale the program beyond just those two institutions. E.g., Peace Corps for F/OSS. Will probably look like GSoC or Outreachy (formerly GNOME Open Project for Women), but with a focus on humanitarian / civic problems.


  • Tech speaker program: more meetings, building out roadmap
  • Worked w/ Josh Carpenter on planning WebVR content series
  • Worked w/ DevTools and some other people on PhoneGap/Cordova
  • Release notes, ongoing improvements
  • Final reviews of PSU student project for "jQuery of Power Consumption" - set of JS APIs for making network requests in a way that reduces battery drain (next step is a Hacks post!)
  • IoT: Met with Lindsay & Jared to go over workshop results and next steps.
  • IoT: Met with Cargo founder to talk about integration w/ their auto device
  • Shipped more Flames. (Does everyone have Flames? Anyone want some?)
  • Talking w/ Taipei mgmt about evangelism on that side of the planet
  • OSU student program: got them hooked up w/ taipei networking team, and worked to update MDN
  • Patching


  • Working on details of Hacks editorial calendar with a multitude of upcoming posts and dependencies for GDC PR (3/3), Fx DE 38 release (2/27) etc. Editing posts.
  • New planning, feedback gathering/processing & conversations last week & this week for Tech Speaker program: Talking with Soumya Deb about a role; processing feedback; conversation w/George Roter, our participation task force advisor, about the outline of the program


  • Tanx controls via WebSocket!
  • Working on my first Content Kit, "Modern Layout Fundamentals"
  • Attended the Web Compatibility Summit in MV last week


  • (offline today)


Firefox 38 is out on Friday 2/27 with 64bit DevEdition

Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Yay / Nay: Firefox Stickers from Staples good enough? (1 min)

Yea. love vinyl, but expensive. plz have 2" size.

Yay / Nay: Taking a hard line on event sponsorship deadlines (2 min)

  • We fill invoices Net-30, which can cause things to get reimbursed after the event. We need to be extremely clear about reimbursement timelines.
  • Add to event submission form


Yay / Nay: Storing Trip Reports on WikiMo (5 min)

Value of trip reports:

  • Intel on community pulse for product teams.
    • Scaling this is hard -- VPs don't want 200 reports. They want executive summaries and 1:1 discussions.
  • Historic record on conference quality.


  • WikiMo? Want some degree of confidentiality to encourage candid responses.
  • Mana? Wiki editing painful.
  • Google Forms? Awesome for ingesting, bad for reading long-form text.

Callahad to work on Google Form, deferring question of how to process that feedback later. Quarterly roll-up?

Sponsorship Criteria (? min)

Reducing bus factor is good, and it'd be super helpful to have more criteria, but will ultimately be a human decision. Seeking consensus is good, but too much input drags the meeting out and saps agency / agility from the group. Work with Sandra to balance.

Sponsorship justification (2 min)

We (DevRel) need to put together executive-friendly justification document for ongoing event sponsorship funding. Jason to take first pass, team to review.

Q & A / Anything Else?

Jason: Dietrich, tell us more about what you're hacking on with PhoneGap

Dietrich / Potch / Havi: Found a few things that were broken... including the bug submission process (Jira, Adobe, etc. lots of places). Reached out to canuckistani, lorchard, etc. to figure out how we're connected with that community, and where our interest lies. We worked on two-way bindings: supporting PhoneGap bindings in FxOS, and supporting FxOS in PhoneGap. Try to get a solid path to multiplatform, initially tried to track percent of apps going into the Marketplace that came from that direction. Trying to figure out our future direction; Dietrich to look into it more and hit DevRel.

Havi: Lots of discussion on Fx36 Beta release notes. Request to reblog an old Medium post since release notes don't like linking to personal blogs. Should we do it?

Jason: I hate the idea of republishing, but if everyone else agrees...