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  • callahad
  • potch
  • jason
  • havi
  • sole
  • dietrich

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Several of you have asked for approval for things like iPod Touches, other hardware, etc. Stop Asking. If you need something for a presentation or development, just do it.
  • Also, you decide where you travel. See something we should be at? Go. We have budget for more than a dozen trips per quarter for the whole group. We have plenty of headroom, and you're paid to use it.
  • We also have budget for speaker coaching; Havi's looking into a few potential coaches.
    • sole thinks this is interesting! +1 (callahad)
  • Corporate cards are a possibility in Q2 if you'd rather have that. Need to have a quarter's worth of data first.
  • We're seeing a lot of StackOverflow activity on Firefox / HTML5 related tags. Please monitor those.

Nonverbal Updates


  • Working on Devnexus Presentation
  • Worked on demos for Firefox 38


  • Ongoing work on my Rust FFI talk; building slides, code examples, etc. Hoping to present at my local Python group next week.
  • Worked on DevTools MWC presentation with Vishy, Bill, Jeff, and Arcadio
  • Re-reviewed Valence Content Kit, filed a bunch of upstream bugs.
  • Took first pass at justification for sponsoring developer events
    • Need to determine metrics we can track and define an argument that this is money well spent
  • CFPs Accepted:
  • CFPs Pending:
    • JSConf (May 27-29): Rust/Node FFI
    • (new) MidwestJS (August 12-14): FxOS App Dev, Rust/Node FFI, WTF.js (from pdf.js to j2me.js)
  • CFPs Rejected:
    • CSSConf AU (March 26-27): Valence
    • OpenWest (May 8-10): Valence


  • PTO for a few days
  • Working on team mission and wiki page
  • Tech Speaker program ladder and roadmap
  • Helping a contributor start up a porting program for Fairphone v2


  • Editorial review & scheduling of GDC/MWC and other timing dependent blog posts + keeping Hacks calendar up to date
  • Today: Firefox Developer Edition 38: 64-bits and more
  • Editing materials w/ Emma Irwin for template of Tech Speakers pilot
  • Conversations around scope of Tech Speaker pilot and invites to candidates
  • Conversations around Transifex platform for app localization/ transitioning project from devrel to ?



  • Back from PTO
  • Very jetlagged
  • Preparing Friday talk on Web components interop etc


Other Topics

Keeping up with Fx Release Cadence

(dietrich) We've talked about writing up each branch event on Hacks. What's new, what's changed, etc. Rotate it around the various team members, write a few demos, etc. Should we pack it into one post (stable+beta+deved), or splitting it into two posts between stable and nightly/deved.

(jason) For Nightly, keep focus on just-in-time posts. Beyond that, DevEdition is the only channel we really care about on Hacks, so write that up and have footnotes on what's been promoted.

(potch) I like writing up DevEdition releases and building a continuous chain by pointing back to the previous posts each week.

Hacks Timing / Process

(havi) Is emailing devrel the best path to get technical review for posts, with MDN techwriters CC'd?

(potch) Works for me. Async, lets multiple people look at it.

Sponsorship Branding

(callahad) Mozilla? Firefox? Firefox Developer Edition?


Q & A

callahad: Are these meeting minutes helpful?

'all: Yes.

Anything Else?

(sole) Yes! The Stickers?

(dietrich) We have lots of Flames. Inventory sitting in west coast offices. Process: Fill out a Service Now ticket... or just tell Dietrich.

(potch) FYI internal Firefox iOS dogfooding starting up.