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  • sole
  • callahad
  • havi
  • dietrich
  • jason
  • potch

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • jason out at DevNexus, reschedule 1:1s for Friday
  • Big push on getting Hacks posts; if you haven't written something yet, get on it!
  • Also, work on Content Kits -- we want ours to be modular, scripted, and have solid references to external materials. E.g., Dan's Valence draft: Also, if possible, let Havi know when you start working on a kit.
    • WebRTC (esp. using data channels) would be great. E.g., Tanx + phone controllers
    • FxOS NFC API just dropped privilege level
    • Facets of WebGL
  • Please keep the calendars up to date with when / where you're going to be places.
  • Work ongoing on IoT plans; more to be shared in future meetings.

Nonverbal Updates


  • worked on demos for developer tools
  • working with stack over flow to determine our strategy for 2015
  • reviewed MDN webapi docs
  • preparing devnexus 2015 presentation


  • Submitted event sponsorship metrics to Andreas
  • Sourced a Mozillian speaker for PhillyTechWeek (:asuth)
  • Sourced a Mozillian keynote speaker for devObjective (:josh)
  • Closed the loop and provided collateral for our CascadiaJS sponsorship
  • Investigated HTML5 presentation libraries
    • Reveal and Shower seem like the only ones that are actively maintained, and which care about exporting to PDF.
    • Reveal is easier to style. Using it for upcoming presentations.
  • Building slides for Python/Rust talk; done with ~40% of the code examples.
  • Completed final QA pass on Gmail / Persona OAuth upgrade, scheduling deploy for this week.


  • Tech speakers wiki page, draft roadmap
  • Tech speakers google group
  • Got the ball rolling in getting Tech Speaker pilot participants to Whistler
  • DevRel in Asia - reached out to Gen for his thoughts
  • Push: Zach Carter to get his node SimplePush server docs updated, and the lowdown from Nikhil about Push future
  • Talked w/ some Android folks about what our story is there, ongoing
  • Met with William Quiviger to talk about how his team can help ours - short term high impact projects
  • Worked with WPR to get a slackline put in at the Portland office
  • Final delivery meeting w/ PSU student group. They’re writing their Hacks post this week.


  • Hacks blog momentum: Excellent. February Metrics report available, March #s even better
  • ES6 Blog post series will run on Mondays April-June, driven by Jason Orendorff (JavaScript engine lead) & Jean-Yves from MDN:
    • Will need technical reviews from DevRel & MDN to ensure usefulness to web devs, as well as compiler engineers
  • Mozilla Tech Speakers Pilot - has a name, a mailing list, a wiki in progress, a list of to be invited pilot participants, a proposal from a speaker coach ++


  • Finished up GDC!
    • Great event and energy
    • People are both surprised and excited to see what the web platform can do
    • Action items
      • Event write-up on my blog
      • Hacks post on Tanx (Date approx? :-) ) ~1wk from now \o/ thanks!
      • Hacks post on demystifying WebRTC (Date approx? :-) )
  • Drafting Content Kit on Flexbox


  • back from jQuery UK!
    • talk seemed to go well, albeit FAST
      • web components are still relatively unknown & we need better literacy
    • spoke to a lot of interesting people in the UK / London community. Standardistas, University, Government and digital agencies people -they'd like to get Mozilla involved or hear more about mozilla or be involved w/mozilla or mozilla-organised events
    • conference had a lot of topics, not only jQuery centric
      • Addy Osmani did a great demo of their developer tools. I was slightly embarrassed that people were so impressed with things FirefoxDevtools have had for months. We need to be better at demos and outreach :-P
        • A way to "be better" is to run a practical demonstration on how to find and fix issues using features in the devtools. Rather than just enumerating "here's this new cool feature yay"
  • in Berlin tomorrow until Friday, attending local devs meetups + platform + spec team
  • now going to focus on the upcoming talks with firefox os + p2p + web audio stuff


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

What are we missing on our team? (3 minutes)

We have at least two open reqs for this year -- how do we want to use them, and what are we missing? Diversity? Geography, esp. EMEA/APAC? Very junior / senior evangelists? Visually oriented folks? Social media / Stack Overflow / Blog-focused folks?

  • Someone geared more toward visual presentation, CSS, etc. would be great.
  • Someone in APAC; there are too many events in Japan and China that we're not getting involved in.
  • Community building (create more speakers)
  • can we get someone else in Europe?
    • Callahad is seriously considering moving to Europe, though probably nothing before the end of the year. :-(
    • Callahad also wants to build something together
      • Sole has ideas-will post to devrel

Q & A

Sole: I'm getting requests for my time on helping with developing other Content Kits / managing community / etc. I don't have time for that. How do I fix that?

Jason: Forward it to me, I'll help redirect and establish focus.

Potch: Do we have a public list?

Dan: There's evangelism:

Jason: I don't like that name. Can we rename it?

Potch: That's a bikeshed for later.

Dan: For now, everyone sign up for that list. We'll worry about names later.

Dan: I want to work on *something* with the rest of y'all. Ideas?

Sole: I want to extract something from Bespoke.js

Jason: Work on Content Kits in pairs. Also, I want a team meetup... can we attend the same conference? Push early push often.

Potch: Do more of this in GitHub.