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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • DevRel event sponsorship budgeting ongoing, will likely have formal budgeting and plan for Q2/3/4 by May.
  • Jason will be reviewing Q1 goals / accomplishments with team members this week
  • Prepare your Q2 goals *now.*
    • Need to be submitted by end of next week, but run them by Jason before filing in Workday.
    • Measure yourself on "evangelism assets," rather than binding yourself to specific types of assets.
  • Jason starting to play with an RPi 2, going to see if it's possible to get a build of FxOS on it with GPIO, I2C, etc. Jan at Telenor is apparently hacking on aspects of this.
    • Also investigated BeagleBoard Black, which is way more powerful and capable, but the RPi is far more ubiquitous.
    • Moz Japan has a board they're working on, the CHIRIMEN which might be an interesting target.
  • We're going to try to produce one 2,000-3,000 word long article per quarter and aim to publish it in a European print journal.

Nonverbal Updates


  • Handled Hacks Blog reviews and submissions
  • Worked with Platform Engineer to get Mozilla presentation on Youtube
  • Worked on IOT initiative - playing with RP2
  • Got job listing approved and should be posted soon
  • Worked on Whistler prep
  • Working on Codementor presentation
  • Met with Valerie to discuss print press


  • I have DevEdition stickers! Mailing this week.
    • 1k to me, 1k to sole, 50 to jason, 150 to dietrich, 250 to MozNZ (fmarier)
    • 600 remaining to support speakers
    • Havi should have 2k of the same stickers in MV for potch / nick / etc.
  • Got a new work laptop! Yay!
    • Lost a few days transferring data and setting it up. Boo.
  • Hacks post on the Fx DevTools UserVoice channel went up
  • Working on CoreOS talk for PyCon
  • I'll mostly be offline this week as I work on talks.
    • Checking email 3x daily and generally off IRC; leave a message.
    • Need me urgently? My cellphone number is in Phonebook.


  • (absent from meeting)


  • (absent from meeting)



  • almost finished with the content kit, still has to incorporate the team's great feedback into it, thanks Y'ALL
  • started exploring various ideas I need to implement for upcoming talks. I expect many cool byproducts occurring as a consequence of these works
  • conspiring with other sonic artists to set up the first web audio meet up in london
  • considering copying dan's semioffline schedule to better focus on talks


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?