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  • callahad
  • havi
  • jason
  • potch
  • dietrich

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Q2 Goals: Email them to Jason now. Submit in WorkDay by Friday.
    • Two goals: focus on the number of assets you're trying to create, rather than specifically breaking it down by post / content kit / etc.
    • The other goal should be something that makes sense to your specific role / interest / initiatives.
  • Did an hour-long presentation on CodeMentor re: Fx Dev Tools.
    • Not sure what the audience will end up being; let's hold off on further investment until we see if it gets any traction.
  • Everything else down in the "Other Topics" section at bottom of the minutes

Nonverbal Updates


  • Presented at Codementor on fxos and devtools
  • Reviewed hacks posts that went live last week
  • Had initial discussions with Aubrey on IOT
  • Still looking for Pi 2 porter
  • Working with Axel for performance tool changes and videos


  • CFP update: Rejected from JSConf (Rust/Node interop). Boo.
  • PyCon this week! My talks are on Friday, wish me luck!
    • I'll be in serious Do Not Disturb mode between now and then.
  • Old laptop returned to ServiceDesk.
  • Stickers mailed to a bunch of folks.


  • more filling out of speaker/author list
  • send pilot names, emails, mozillians urls to brian king for Whistler
  • met with people rocket last week, then compiled notes and moving forward there
  • partnerX - design agenda and build materials, then two days of training in san diego
  • moz japan wot meeting
  • partnerY training, part 1, designing partnerY training part 2
  • so many flames flashed, shipped (utah, india security research, partners)
  • met about africa w/ wquiviger, more to come
  • more work on tech speaker curriculum
  • talked w/ fxos UX team about internal tech speaker training


  • Back from Berlin HackOnMDN weekend & PTO - slow recovery from jetlag, fatigue, etc. Getting caught up.
  • Lining up the posts for Hacks blog this week.
  • Getting caught up on all sorts of Tech Speakers stuff



  • (pto)


Other Topics

Hacks Series on Firefox Releases


dietrich: After writing the post, I ended up changing my approach quite a bit. The developer-centric features are pretty well covered, but what's really important are the site operator notices: this stuff is actually ready to be used, for real. But what's the difference between this and the release notes? The notes don't do a good job of saying "and here's what you can actually do, now."

potch: I see this more as a "push with context" of highlights of the MDN Fx39 for Developers page. Or things that are nifty, but so simple that they don't warrant their own post... so you could put in a little gif or something.

Series Name

Are we OK with calling these "trainspotting?" Jason's the only person that's not super excited about the name. So let's go with it.

potch: We need a Hacks category for this.

havi: Maybe just "Firefox Releases", and we'll try to be consistent about using Trainspotting in the title. Firefox Releases category created, lives under Firefox.

Post Timing

potch: Split into two Tuesday/Tuesday posts in the future?

We're generally in favor of that in the future, but we also have to consider security things that are more time sensitive -- site operators will want to know about those things *before* release lands.

Q & A

Anything Else?