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Meeting Notes & Dial-in Info:

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Etherpad Template:

Things you want to cover in the next meeting:

JW Update

  • Q1 summary - accomplishments!
  • where you spoke, what on, blog posts, etc
  • sent anything you've done to jason
  • stats for newsletter and hacks posts
  • Q2
  • more speaking, more writing
  • more participation
  • need to start tracking of volunteer participation
  • tech speakers - can do through program
  • but need to wait until pilot is done
  • have budget for speakers, events
  • actively pursue people to speak, and track those already going
  • reps calendars,
    • see where Reps and Mozillians are already speaking
    • offer swag support.
  • Fluent
    • potch and dan will do things (thanks sole)
  • send numbers to people

Hacks Redesign! (this might take a while, do it last)

  • A content-focused visual refresh using modern Web best practices
  • Q2 goal redesign and implement
  • mobile friendly
  • time-travel to the future
  • hackable and collectable things
  • important: the difference between upgrading and being upgraded

Trainspotting vs Developer Edition

  • dcamp says devtools will do posts for dev edition for each release (which is great)
  • Firefox 38: May 12, Firefox 38.1: June 2 (DE: possible perf tools)

Callahad is offline for next week's meeting (April 20th) -- who wants to take notes?

Sole: gaia / fx devrel? Documentation and Evangelism for gaia needs attention

April 13, 2015


  • (your name here)
  • sole
  • havi
  • jason
  • dietrich
  • potch

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • (Someone take notes for Jason)

Nonverbal Updates


  • Team stats for Q1
  • Budget Planning for Q2
  • Working on BD on Verizon
  • Preparing talk for LUG on Tuesday



  • partner training part deux
  • tech speakers tech speakers tech speakers - pilot begins week after next
  • Trainspotting episode 1 published (fx 37) - emphasis on Release, nod to what's ahead (including pointers to MDN).


  • Ongoing Hacks blog issues related to migration to WPEngine. Hope to get to syntax formatting issue resolved this week, but not over-optimistic
  • Hacks blog this week: Drag Elements, Console History, and more – Firefox Developer Edition 39, Creating a mobile app from a simple HTML site


  • Metamorphs into Count Potchula


  • exploring various undocumented APIs and stuff in Firefox OS. The coolest things are undocumented which is a shame. Hoping to lead by example...
  • sent cat GIFs from a web server running on a phone to another phone, after sending the IP address of the server via NFC. It's a miracle...!
  • sent PRs to the dns-sd project, docs are better now!
  • running web audio meetup @ MozLDN tomorrow, 40 people signed up and waitlist is almost as long!


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?