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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Will meet in May to talk about events budget
  • Video bumpers
  • Use our youtube channel, want to increase subscriptions
  • Use the bumpers on longer videos
  • Working with events team to track:
    • events for dev edition
    • tracking people we recommend to go speak
    • will be coming up with way to do this
    • tracking: will be using shorturl codes and more
  • Jason will send out metrics plan
  • everyone should be talking about all products
  • team will start doing 2 min updates during meetings

Nonverbal Updates



  • At Fluent most of this week. Back Thursday afternoon.
  • PyCon is a wrap! Talk videos at:
  • Notes on Firefox usage:
    • Chrome was by far the predominant browser, though Firefox seemed to be preferred by attendees running Linux. I saw zero people using IE or Safari.
    • A few Chrome users installed Nightly and set it as their default browser after demoing E10S.
    • One Chrome user switched to DevEdition after demoing Valence.
    • Most other folks are sticking with Chrome because "it's just faster."
    • A few folks expressed the sentiment that Chrome is "getting bloated and crappier."
  • Got to play with one of the Ubuntu phone prototypes.
    • It's very nice. The UI is extremely fast and fluid, including a lot of hardware accelerated 3D effects during task switching.
    • Side-by-side, FxOS is not compelling.


  • tech speakers curriculum, wiki polishing to start pilot
  • animations patch for gaia, landing soon, have review from almost everyone
  • wrote up hacks post on animations, doing a video demo to go with it



  • Presenting at Fluent Hardware Showcase Tues/Wed
    • Showing off WebVR goodness!
  • Giving a tour of the MV office to a group of young entrepreneurs for an ABC Family documentary on Friday
  • Working on wireframes for new Hacks site
    • Will share this week
  • Got accepted to CascadiaJS!
  • Starting on WebRTC Content Kit


  • Preparing talk for EmpireJS. As usual lots of byproducts coming out of it :-)
  • Someone (not me) has got excited by the p2p stuff I've been digging out and is proposing a talk on p2p web for (!!!)
  • Web Audio meetup #1 talks are online! We have a website and a YouTube channel! The rest of organisers are super collaborative and pretty much the meetup happens by itself:


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?