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  • potch
  • jason
  • callahad
  • havi
  • dietrich

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • put your days out and travel on the Evangelism Speaking calendar
  • Jason offline May 11-15 next week: no 1:1's that week
  • Aubrey -
  • New evangelism team member coming soon
  • For Fx DevEdition 40 we want to create a blog post and 3 videos around the new features. (video 1 - top 5 fixes/features, goes w/UserVoice post)
    • Callahad + Jason working with Axel re: Perf Tools
    • Axel's top perf tools things: Timeline, integration of profiler with timeline, new profiler flame chart, memory in timeline, and graphics instrumentation, i.e. records
    • (Stretch): "Top 5 new things in Fx40 from UserVoice" video
    • Jeff wants 2 posts: 1) things coming in from UserVoice, and 2) perf tools
    • Youtube interview series w/Potch (tentative). Talk to Rainer.
  • Interesting: "IoT stuff getting really smaller; now talking about "disappearables" instead of "wearables."
  • Whistler planning: (notes added below in Q&A)

Nonverbal Updates



  • Heading to OpenWest on Wednesday!
    • Giving 3 talks and TA'ing 1 workshop


  • landed fxos animations patch 3woo03owe
  • worked on a session restore api for add-ons post for hacks
  • worked a tool for building visual-novel storytelling for webvr




  • (bank holiday in the UK)


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Potch's Hacks Wireframes

  • feedback:
    • category-based navigation
      • (callahad) I would equally enjoy a restricted set of categories -- focus us down to "web platform, firefox, demos / videos..." I don't know, whatever our essential categories are ;)
      • I guess I'm also looking for some sort of way to differentiate between evergreen content and more river-of-news content.
    • larger font on article page
    • stable of pre-set 'themes' for the hero space, based on series/topics/other
    • video content as 1st class citizen on blog- routes to YT or ? to embed or not?

Team Meeting w/o Jason Next Week?


Q & A

callahad: What's up with Whistler?

jason: We have a room booked for the whole week; we'll have a few mandatory meetings with Andreas' groups. Let's start thinking about this as a recurring item in our weekly meetings.

Havi: We've got two community members coming (MDN TechSpeakers Pilot folks, etc.) They'll probably be busy, but we want to make sure they hang out with us a bit.

Jason: Right. Need to talk about good/bad presentation techniques, collecting / collating data from conferences, etc. Inviting Sandra from Events as well. We will not do silly team-building exercises.

Anything Else?

  • JSConf EU CFP extended by a month -- you have until end of May to submit!
  • Jason wants to start thinking about 5 year vision for tech + us. "People over-estimate 5 years, under-estimate 1 year."