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  • sole
  • jason
  • havi
  • potch
  • callahad

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

Nonverbal Updates



  • Plan for this week: create screencasts for the DevEdition 40 release
  • Last week: Spoke at dev.Objective. Two talks, two panel appearances
    • Valence is getting real-world use; several folks thanked me for it after the talk
  • Shipped a few Flames from our MV inventory, should arrive by tomorrow for most people.
  • Filed a handful of DevAdvocacy bugs
  • Successfully flashed FxOS on my Flame and Nexus 4, got sole's catserver working!
  • Reviewed two posts for Hacks: Flaki's Rust post and Wilson Page's WebComponents post
  • Bought a $200 HP Stream 11 laptop to test Spartan and Valence on Windows.
    • Valence works just great after installing iTunes to get iOS drivers.
    • Spartan / Edge is... OK-ish.
    • Windows 10 is not too different from 8.1, but finally has virtual desktops!
    • The Stream 11 is both surprisingly capable and surprisingly bad. Would not recommend.


  • (offline in Asia)


  • Hacks blog: upcoming posts from Bgrins, ES6 (guest author), Using Babel & Broccoli w/ES6 (guest author, date TBD), Battery API update (F Iovine)
  • Tech Speakers
  • Check the CFP calendar! Solid Conf CFP closes May 21 (O'Reilly IoT conf)
  • Will ship the new Oculus to Andrzej Mazur, who will return it to Whistler


  • JSConf next week!
  • WebVR screencast on hold
    • Oculus breaking the world :(
  • Working on WebRTC Content Kit
  • Trainspotting 38 seemed to be well received!


  • went to JSConf BP - mixed immediate reaction but lots of good positive comments 1:1 from people. I guess Eastern Europes are shy!
  • talked to a lot of people, met people from various communities so that was cool!
  • gave a lot of feedback to platform, need to follow up and find/file bugs / mark with DevAdvocacy
  • I also gave three stacks of FirefoxDevTools/dev edition stickers away O_O
  • also need to write all this feedback to the devrel list
  • in Manchester for UpFrontConf tomorrow
  • travelling to Melbourne starting Wednesday, for CampJS Fri-Mon
  • next week Monday it's a bank holiday and also I'll recover the week-end days etc, will send email


Other Topics

Whistler -- what do we want to do?

(sole) Look at DevAdvocacy bugs, collect the top ten into a SCROLL and roll it open DRAMATICALLY.

(callahad) I'll set up an etherpad with our schedule.

What does Mozilla want the tech evan team to evan? like... it would be cool to be in sync with what the comp is working on

(jason) Not Servo, yet. There will be a time, though. Until then, focus on Desktop, then on Android, then on FxOS.

(sole) Spoke with Andrew Overholt. It would help us if a platform engineer talked DevRel through how features are implemented, tested, etc. He was jazzed about DevAdvocacy

Expense reports from lots of small, back to back things: one big report, or lots of small reports?

(jason) Better to break it up by event.

We're half-way through May, any word on event funding?

Budget restructuring happening today; Jason and Callahad talking later.

(potch) Scholarship tickets, etc. might be a high-impact way to support things.

(sole) +1; getting people involved in the Web is super important.