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  • havi
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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Double check that your goals are in for Q3!
  • Please read and consider responding to the devrel list message re: Servo from Jason.
  • OSCON Recap (from Sandra)
    • Driven by Ben Kerensa, who procured a non-profit booth. Booth was then additionally supported by MDN.
    • We also had a VR table in the Hardware area similar to what Potch, Jeff, and Callahad had at Fluent
    • Felt small, but lots of closed, corporate parties / events. E.g., Kuber's party was invite-only.
    • Moving to Austin, TX next year.

2-Minute Updates


  • Still working on Pointer API post
  • Interviews closer to hiring
  • wrote Orange Evangelism Plan (2 events in Africa)
  • Working with Nick and Josh on VR plan
  • redesigning Games website


  • Met with Flaki re: OTSConf talks + workshops
  • Worked on demos + talk
  • Flames re-shipped from Berlin to OTSConf + JS13kGames
  • Conducted a few more interviews


  • landed bug 1170373
  • reviewed some articles for Hacks
  • worked on gradients post w/ mtaylor
  • OSCON booth duty. so many webvr demos. not so many games demos.
  • discovered we have no documentation for creating a patch for mozilla-central anymore. wtf. working w/ cmills to fix.
  • pushing on fxos contribution stuff - starting with identifying fall-off points and backlogs
  • wrote a firefox add-on that’s a devtools panel for inspecting microformat content. because we’ll need it for when the new mf parser lands and we hopefully can use it for fxos pin-the-web UI.
  • reached out to hoye/pierros about contributor metrics - looks like a major upgrade asap to will include fxos, coming next week probably
  • sent Flames to rando twitter people
  • worked with two volunteer contributors to improve RainbowMembrane WebVR demo
  • some work on live-streaming VR video from Kodak PixPro to WebVR
  • working with Kevin Hu to build out the FxOS contribution and academic programs in Taipei


  • On PTO from Wed 7/29 - Wed 8/5
  • Struggling to get posts for Hacks aside from the weekly ES6. Working on lengthy FxOS hardware events
    • Pointer API on hold
    • Keyboard events post in progress/
  • Working on V2 of Mozilla Tech Speakers in coordination w/Dietrich, People Rocket, past Pilots - to kick off mid-Sept
  • Trying to get Spanish translation of Apps & Hacks newsletter completed & shipped tmrw
  • Videos of Moz Tech Speakers in production w/Rainer


  • (PTO)


  • three.js template + blogged + practised GIFfing it - my growth hacking experiment (MWHAHAHAHAHA)
  • finally settled on script+demos for new Web Audio talk
  • went to webVR meeting to get an idea of where are things going
  • preparing talk and probably also CK for next week Web Components meetup at Manchester
  • some nodebotting on Saturday! also, biking
  • this week: interviewing lots



  • JSCONF EU (Sept) tickets to purchase (10 available; see devrel list email)
  • Gregor Wagner wants to be involved w berlin team for recruiting efforts
  • Events to include into VR plans
  • Dev Tools Education initiative w Arcadio/Jeff Griffiths
    • Two demo training to be set in August with ADA Dev Academy + General Assembly both in Seattle
  • In SFO/MTV starting tomorrow til Tuesday


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?