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  • Jason
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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Hiring / offer meeting with HR following this one
  • Team bonuses to be discussed in 1:1's
  • Upcoming info on team priorities and add-on SDK
  • Want to work on Servo demos? Talk to Jason

2-Minute Updates


  • Hacks Editing
  • Servo Testing
  • PTO


  • Conference prep!
    • Ongoing coding, outlining, slide-making
    • Loaded a bunch of USB sticks with DevEdition, flashing tools, and the latest Flame image
  • Submitted 4 proposals to JSConf Colombia (FxOS, IoT, WebAssembly, Rust).
    • All rejected.
  • Local OpenSourceNorth conference filled all speaking slots without a formal CFP.
    • Added as a backup speaker
  • Updated my Lanyrd profile to make sure it reflects my Q2/Q3 talks
  • Moderated some Hacks comments; fixed double-html-escaping in code samples
  • Interviewed a candidate
  • Ordered business cards (srsly, paper ones!)
  • Researched the Mobile Brazil conference, call scheduled for tomorrow
  • Upcoming: MidwestJS on Thursday, OTSConf Saturday + Sunday, London next week.


  • Wrote up what is developer relations for Adrian who is doing a push for Mozilla Hispano
  • Reviewed two chapters of the book Application Development for Firefox OS
  • Working with Alexandre for Hacks posts on Sony devices and Docker images for server builds of FxOS
  • More editing of’s WoT proposal
  • Working with a local under-privileged kids robotics club to get them devices and training for IoT
  • Talked w/ EBU about doing a workshop at their annual conference
  • some partner training coordination (and damn this got convoluted fast)
  • gradients post finished up and on Hacks
  • worked with alexandre lissy on sony+fxos post for Hacks:
  • drafted a post on the fxos iot dev board options
  • worked w/ william, brian king on how to play together on fxos participation
  • first cross-org IoT meeting, worked on defining outcomes/goals
  • met with FxOS head of product management to design how to open that area up
  • moar tech speakers planning!


  • Re-entry last week - catch up on Hacks posts/editing: CSS Gradients & Unbreaking the Web; ES6 - Subclassing
  • Hacks monthly report (July)
  • Revving up Tech Speakers Pilot 2 - invites pending, conversation w/People Rocket about format and materials
  • Ongoing conversations/support/followups with Pilot 1 pilots


  • Stickers!
    • Stickers.
    • If you want to order Firefox logo stickers for yourself, let me know- I can send you the stickermule re-order form
  • Trainspotting 40 is the primary goal for today!
  • Hacks Redesign
    • Opening up a Creative Team bug for review / thoughts
  • Platform Status Dashboard
    • Happening, but slowly with other priorities



  • Rebuilt and signed VR addon
  • More VR tooling