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  • Callahad
  • Potch
  • Sole
  • Jason
  • Dietrich
  • Nick
  • Havi

Standing Agenda Items

2-Minute Updates


  • Hiring
  • Testing Servo
  • RTL contractor (Ahmed)
  • Budget review
  • Working on IOT possible device
  • Priorities


  • omg conferences. will fill this in tonight. "Everything is wonderful"
    • Midwest.js (talk) + OTS Dortmund (talk + workshop)
  • Time spent on Reddit re: Firefox Add-ons.
    • Seems to have less... memory (?) than HN. The same topics come up repeatedly, even when already extensively addresses further up in the very same comment thread.
  • Hack to enable DevEdition theme on Beta and Stable stopped working with Fx40


  • More partner training finagling, and yet more even after that.
  • Finished writing the Sony post, waiting on Sony review
  • setting up proposals for OSU full-year capstone, have one for voice apis and one for web reader mode
  • met with Lucy Harris about optimizing contribution path. 40k users/mo.
  • More Flame shipments
  • Review two more chapters of FxOS book
  • release notes reviews
  • code reviews for Bugzilla Lite for Dale Harvey
  • conversations with Participation team on porting communities - how to support that ongoing. Creating tiered support structure for those participants. Making our build system compatible w/Cyanogen
  • IoT work w/ Cindy to nail down org goals for 2015, and exec presentation content (reg monthly mtgs starting Sept)


  • Hacks posts/upcoming: Jan Jongboom on WebBluetooth & drones; ES6 In Depth series wrapping up this week; Fx Dev Edition browser 42. (Hacks blog now supports Markdown drafts.)
  • Conversations w/FxOS TV team about content publishing destination for technical docs, articles.
  • Revving up Tech Speakers Pilot 2 - invites sent, conversation(s) w/People Rocket about format and materials ongoing
  • Conversation w/Lucy Harris from Community about contribution paths: what do we (you all)
  • Ongoing conversations/support/followups with Pilot 1 pilots (Flaki at OTS Dortmund w/Dan, Andrzej & Andre at BrazilJS with Nick, Dbryant et al. )
  • signs up for monthly team update and overcoming stage fright



  • working on talks
  • discussing content for "the upcoming conference"
  • took a look at Servo too, it broke in various ways
  • moved flats!
    • survived


  • Took a look at WebGL on Servo
  • Spoke with Patrick about Servo's strengths/weaknesses
  • BrazilJS demo good to go
  • new devrel-needed:
    • Bug 992096 - Implement Subresource Integrity - aka "hashes to prove content from CDN wasn't just modified in an XSS attempt"

  • mentoring intern on SIMD gl-matrix optimizations + git
    • once we have profiling code, would be a great hacks post
  • email Brendan about BrazilJS
  • CSS transitions perf in FF
  • sampling from video textures
  • reveal css performance in Firefox? we should look into this