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  • sole
  • callahad
  • havi
  • dietrich
  • jason
  • jen
  • potch

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update

  • Jen Simmons is now One of Us!
  • Update from Sandra on Brazil JS
  • Update from Josh on WebVR
    • You need to know Three.js and have a headset to do stuff. Trying to fix that.
    • Build your first VR site in 5-10 minutes. Any browser, any hardware (even without a headset)
    • Start trying to do live coding sessions, tutorials, etc. Try to get ~100 people to use this and give us feedback.
    • Events are a huge channel to get this into the hands of people.
    • Cutting away as much as possible and laser focus on getting real people to start creating content.
    • Nick and Diego working on markup piece.
    • Aiming for DevEdition on Sept 21st.
    • "This will be the true kickoff for the WebVR project from a public standpoint." <--- If the timing works out. We have a list of features we believe are required for MVP status, and we're working this week to determine whether these are feasible for Sept 21 uplift.

2-Minute Updates


  • Met with Ember
  • Met with Google Chrome director to discuss supporting College Credit course work on Open Source projects
  • Working on Game site redesign
  • IOT planning
  • Yay - Jen Simmons is joining us this week.



  • FxOS porting team - planning/strategy. planning meetups, maybe around DroidCon London, to bootstrap some ports.
  • worked w/ jcarpenter to get a hardware recommendation published for desktop VR rig
  • Flames for 4 German community members, mostly localizers and support team
  • Tech Speakers v2 week by week schedule
  • Ordered t-shirts for a bunch of people in the office that never got new-hire swag packs
  • Sony post nearly ready to publish, but holding off while waiting for news of their builds+OTA
  • finalizing capstone backup/restore app
  • review chapter 4 of FxOS book
  • submitted OSU capstone proposal for Deep Speech, one more coming
  • submitted MozFest workshop proposal for academic program integration
  • worked on MozFest workshop proposal for WebVR with Rabimba
  • UX triage for FxOS and working on fixing
  • working with MDN (shobson) to get collapsible content sections added to MDN
  • RPi2 porting - LOTS of interest


  • Hacks blog recent & upcoming: The end of ES6 In Depth, DE 42 highlights, Sony phone hacking, CSS scroll snapping
  • Tech Speakers phase 2 to begin on Sept 15, and segue into Participation team leadership initiatives for 2015-2016/ (in conversation phase)
  • Some speaker outreach/cat-herding/content planning for View Source conf.
  • REQUEST: please share your updates / summer highlights with me here - for next Monday -



  • Hung out with Dan when he was in London! We tried to hack on something but no. We had a minicabal instead.
  • More demo work. Spent a few days blocked on a thing but finally figured it out and it's now coming along nicely.
  • In parallel: preparing meta-talk about talk/demo, for Thursday in Brighton this week
  • I might also have found interesting bugs in three.js
  • Also pushing WebAudio / Firefox a little bit far which is nice. It hasn't severely broken yet.
  • Reaching out to speakers for ViewSource


  • (En route back from BrazilJS)


  • Last week — oh, there was no last week!
  • Next week I'll be at An Event Apart Chicago, giving my Modern Layouts talk:
  • This week — on boarding; revising Modern Layout talk (I need to pull a section out); looking into a flex-basis bug in FF.


  • JSConfEU in Berlin coming up. Sponsoring a Demo Lounge (Games, VR, FxOS WebExtensions hacking)
  • Sponsoring Web Unleashed, where Potch is speaking
  • Taking over organization of View Source, if you have questions, go to Sandra.\


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Team Retreat?

(Update: No good availability for everyone; postponing til Orlando)

  • Another team member coming in, once they're in, we can set up a time to get everyone together
    • September would be too soon, so October or November?
    • Callahad to send out a Doodle poll

Q & A

Sole : I would like to take PTO this year. My only free time is November. Does DevRel need to attend to View Source?

Sandra : View Source is presented by Mozilla, but is not a Mozilla event. Expectations are only on confirmed speakers.