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  • Potch
  • Jason
  • Dietrich
  • Havi
  • canuckistani

Standing Agenda Items

2-Minute Updates

Jeff Griffiths

Dev Edition 44 - high-level: (early Nov release)

  • creative tools - including the original eyedropper, "as-authored" styles
  • memory tools - detailed memory analysis.
  • making hacking on dev tools easier - making contribution easier by making it more like a web app/add-on.
  • tracking WebVR for Sept (promoted in 43) and then TBD in 44
  • Firebug 3 is coming: Firebug extensions ported to DE - Pixel Perfect, Firequery in progress, also server-side logging shipping in browser in 43, JSON viewer landing, devtools extension examples
  • normal Fx DE 43 cycle - including Hacks post - but wait for getting a press cycle in 44.
  • - tracking bug for Fx DE44


  • emscripten example
  • working with Google on potential College credit for Open Source projects
  • Working to get Orange plan implemented
  • Working with Developer in Europe for an IOT workshop
  • Trying to secure some Developer phones for fxos 2.5
  • Working on Game site redesign
  • RTL project still in progress


  • (PTO)


  • more work on keyboard bug, exposing many fxos dev workflow bugs ;)
  • connect with ali on lasercutting DIY WebVR goggles in preparation for mozfest
  • review French ZTE Open C community post for Hacks
  • helped get super outdated (Firefox 3) mdn docs for 3rd party cookie preferences updated
  • developed Firefox OS micro tasks for Contribute page:
  • reviewed leadership summit stuff
  • lots rpi2 stuff - talked with many candidates, compiled all info together for evaluation
  • coordinating the updating the branding of community builds of firefox os
  • talked w/ new dev branding guy, Brad Cohen
  • random contributor stuffs: jetpack, fxos notification fade bug, etc
  • revamped techspeakers wiki for new edition
  • more work automating asia participation statistics


  • Getting ducks in a row for round 2 of Moz Tech Speakers
  • Hacks blog upcoming (timing still TBD:



Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

  • Facebook 'Evangelism reps' group and other legacy channels