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  • sole
  • callahad
  • Jason
  • dietrich
  • havi
  • jensimmons
  • nick
  • sandra

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Keep your speaking engagements up to date on the team calendar
  • We have tentative approval to purchase a few dozen foxfooding devices

2-Minute Updates


  • We have a scope of work for RPi2 port
  • Working on simple Emscripten examples
  • Orange event is being tentatively planned for Q4 working with Phoxygen
  • Meet with foxfooding team to get a minimal number of phones
  • Working on Game site redesign
  • RTL project Ahmed is now building content



  • Raspberry Pi 2 - SOW from a contractor (mozillian!)
  • Getting content pings: eg, screencasts for TV app dev
  • Working with branding and legal on branding for community builds of firefox os. that shit gotta look good.
  • WebVR session for MozFest
  • Developing devrel plans for TV with Joe Cheng - rpi dev path, tvs for devrel, hacks posts, events (sept), comms channels
  • FOT: Michael Kohler for helping coordinate Mozilla’s participation in TV Hack Day Berlin, even though he cannot attend.
  • IoT meetup planning - developing session on consumer advocacy and policy related to data privacy and security
  • Got an example of replacing notifications added to MDN by tweeting the request. And then asked @mozdevnet to do it to ;)
  • Finished chapter six of fxos book
  • Worked on a talk outline: IoT and the War for Your Mind
  • Designed proposal on heuristic mode detection for Web interactions, based on Jonas and Pdol’s ideas, for PSU Capstone fall program
  • Talked with Epicodus code school on building an intern program with them.
  • Sent 40 Flames to Taipei for academic programs, and 20 to Switzerland for IoT training workshop.
  • Hosted PDX quantified self meetup


  • Lots of prep for Tech Speakers phase 2
  • blog posts in progress: CSS Grids (by PBrosset), PSU Capstone post, WebRTC post,
  • Inspired by Dan's resource page, I updated Writing Guidelines for Hacks (from zero to something):
  • Introduced Tech Speakers program at last week's project meeting ( - aligned splendidly w/Geo Roter's announcements about Participation Leaders (
  • TOPIC I WANT TO DISCUSS HERE: Funding for 5-10 Tech Speakers to Mozfest to work on a mini- Tech Speakers "participation track" as a means of scaling the program.


  • (offline)


  • I was on holidays
  • Before that I went to Brighton but I haven't written up on the meetup yet
  • Super mega ramping up on The Talk
  • Also advising new speaker for London conference



  • presented at An Event Apart last week — 400 people. They were very excited about the new layout technology (Shapes, Viewport Units, Rotation, Flexbox, CSS Grid, and more) — and excited about ideas of what we might design with it.
  • talking to John Allsopp about speaking in Sydney and Melbourne next April
  • still filling out paperwork and getting setup
  • recording The Web Ahead with Brett Gaylor today, discussing Tracking


  • Reminder to direct any sponsorship/speaking requests to the form (and can cc me):
  • View Source Conference is getting speakers and sponsors lined up!!
    • Speaker Paul Ford, keynote, would like to chat w Dev Rel team (sandra to arrange time)
    • Ali to announce in upcoming Monday Morning Call.
  • Upcoming events sponsored by Dev Rel:
    • Web Unleashed Sept 16 & 17th in Toronto CA (Potch Speaking)
    • Open Air Sept 25th in London (Sole Speaking)
    • JSCONF EU Sept 25 & 27 in Berlin (preceeded by Reject JS, in between with TV Hacks) - trying out WebIDE using MDN documentation (Demo Lounge): support from Flaki, Andrzej Mazure, Andre Fiedler, Evelyn from Taipei
    • Paris Web Oct 1-3 in Paris (Mathieu + Julien)
    • ADA Lovelace Festival Oct 27 & 28 in Berlin (Sole)
    • How to Web Nov 26-27 in Bucharest (TBC)