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  • callahad
  • Jason
  • Havi
  • jensimmons
  • \n
  • potch
  • belen

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Belén is here! Will be intro'd by sole on the Project Meeting next week
  • Spent most of last week on an IoT workshop
    • Taipei office has a "Web Everywhere" initiative that might dovetail nicely
    • CHIRIMEN project possibly coming to the US
    • FlyWeb project also ongoing
    • Findings to be presented to Steering Committee in next week

2-Minute Updates


  • IOT workshop and trying to get Gio in for port
  • Budget review
  • Emscripten example
  • RTL posts editing



  • (offline)


  • Participation Leaders initiative: helping to review >350 applicants to come up w/a cohort of 100-150 participants who will attend 3 "Global Gatherings"
  • Hacks blog: Today - Let's Build a WebExtension, upcoming: Subresource Integrity, Trainspotting Fx 41, MozVR
  • Conversations to understand about addons for Fx 2.5, future of marketplace apps vs web apps (WADI project)
  • Met w/Josh about a WebVR/MozVR series. Followup/timing tbd
  • Todo: Write Firefox Apps & Hacks newsletter featuring View Source, Addons story,



  • At SmartWebConf
    • Last week: Nordic.js and SmashingConf - I've got half written reports for both, will tell you when they're done. Both excellent places and different audiences, so yay! Talk well received. People interested in Web Audio!
    • I'm starting to recognise workers at the airport. Also starting to worry a bit about that :-P


  • Hacks Post:
  • VR text rendering with Signed Distance Fields (SDF) research
  • Metting w/ CMills about MSE
  • Going to file bugs against reveal.js and impress.js (CSS animation performance)
  • Comms
  • Recruiting trip Friday
  • Beers w/ Dietrich & eviljeff in MV
  • All concert-ed out (Foo Fighters & Dave Chappelle)


  • lots of conference travel prep for Fall Season (Sept-Nov): bookings, email, expense reports
  • heading to Responsive Field Day this week, Thursday-Saturday
  • rewriting my one-hour talk to fit in 20 mins
  • meeting with various Mozillians, getting plugged in: Havi, Brad Cohen, Philipp Sackl
  • been reaching out to lots of industry colleagues about new role at Mozilla
  • Episode 106 was published — Gerry McGovern get, all about focusing on customer's needs for a site, instead of the organizations needs
  • Won Pocast of the Year at The Net Awards: