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  • sandra
  • callahad
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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Guest Speaker: Josh Carpenter on VR
    • Update on VR markup: make it way, way easier for people to create things.
    • Three.js is great, but it puts VR out of the reach of novice creators on the web.
    • We've also learned quite a bit about what tooling we need. Tool should be great for both novices and advanced users
    • Currently in closed beta; lots of caveats, heavy architectural churn in the core. Want access to the mozvr/vr-components repo? ping Josh.
    • Goal for next month: "Open this codepen, make a VR scene."
  • Belén to be intro'd by Sole at today's Project Meeting
  • Ongoing soft campaign for developer edition.
    • We need to create two posts and several videos.
    • Jeff + Callahad to do an intro post for Nov. 3rd. What's new, VR, creative tools, etc. Getting a video out of this would be awesome.
    • Also cover: Memory Tools in DevTools with video.
    • Honza on deck to post followup about Firebug 3.0 around November 5th. We need to create a video tour of its features.
  • Q3 goal review + Q4 setting will happen next week. Ping me if you need to reschedule 1:1

2-Minute Updates


  • working on performance presentation
  • RTL work with Ahmed
  • Reviewed Fall Campaign
  • WOT Executive Review
  • NDA work with chip partner
  • Finished judging js13kgames
  • 2016 Planning



  • WOT exec review materials, slides
  • Sony post for Hacks
  • RejectJS plan and setup and all day boothing, so many TV demos
  • Participation workweek this week - SWOT for Gaia dev, porting
  • Interview for w/ bkerensa
  • Porting planning and event for late Oct


  • Tech Speakers Week 3 & related activities, including a "test" workshop on "Building Your Credibility as a Tech Speaker and a Mozillian" happening now
  • This week: Must ship Firefox Apps & Hacks newsletter this week
  • HACKS: Trainspotting 41, DE 43 (author TBD), RTL posts 2 & 3 (Ahmed), something from Dan on Add-ons/Ext - please tell us what you need post
  • Finalizing details of contributor participation (Mostly MozTechSpeakers) at Global gatherings (Mozfest, Mozlando, Leadership Summit)
  • View Source support and promotion


  • It apparently takes me about 6 days to beat a cold
  • Trainspotting 41 tomorrow!
  • Hacks Redesign!
  • Platform Status Dashboard!
  • Phone Screening candidates for Dave Camp's org!
  • Revving up the View Source excitement engine!


  • 'onboarding' Belen
  • recovering after last week travel, sleep still messed up
  • thinking of more 'value for money' strategies for devreling Firefox APIs, will send email to the list and we DISCUSS?
  • Next week: Fronteers conf; working on a few details in the slides (some things are a bit too slow in firefox but is it my code or is it the browser? need to debug)
  • This week: NO AIRPORTS!
  • Booking travel and finalising details for upcoming conferences


  • VR
  • WASM
  • MSE
  • 2 new devrel-needed bugs
    • Implement MS's proposal for a reduced subset of the new FileSystem API (1164310)
    • unpref transform-origin percentage handling for SVG elements (1175492)
  • Boston trip
  • next week in London
  • Stackato EOL


  • back from Responsive Field Day Portland
  • multiple days of headaches, :( hopefully that will end today
  • researching graphic design history, putting together thoughts for blog posts & future presentations
  • worked on new — creating a place to write and post
  • ongoing – taking care of many details for upcoming conferences
  • next week I'll be at An Event Apart Austin (won't make this meeting)


  • I'm in London!
  • Have been setting up accounts, computer, etc.
  • I'm going to travel next week to Amsterdan to Fronteers conf
  • I'm speaking to Sandra (Korea's GStar gamescon)
  • Reviewed MDN games content and Met with Chris & Jason - I'm going to contribute articles / demos there (starting with tilemaps)
  • Looking at the possibility of implementing a demo for directory upload - waiting for confirmation of the feature not being pulled off due to security concerns
  • Advanced on my quest to get a laptop

' Sandra

  • JSCONFEU (plus Reject JS) wrap up!
    • Attendees for Reject is around 300. JSCONF around 500
    • Around100 visitors to demo booth for Reject JS (waiting for feedback for JSCONF)
    • 25-30 apps pushed to TV
    • better, or best, collaborative hacking session because of TV (used as a tool)
  • UNITE Boston
    • Interest to have Mozilla speaker on WebGL to speak w their evangelism team at their Roadshows (send the list of shows scheduled)
    • Interest by Facebook to have Mozilla speaker on WebGL be onsite for their games porting sessions
  • How to Web (Nov 26th) Gadget Booth details to be planned this week
  • Still need to start updating on Lanyrd with confirmed dev rel events
  • VIEW SOURCE - we need your help to get ticket sales UP. 35 days til show time; MDN25 gets 25% off Early Bird Price; Twitter (@viewsourceconf #viewsource); we have IGNITE! set to kick off the conference Monday evening
    • Looking for more sponsors - ARM? contact? TESSEL?


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?

Moment in Time campaign: early Nov: DE 44 launch - videos:

  • Rachel Nabors (is on contract for some animations/may turn into video)
  • WebVR video a possibility (Nick? )

2 hacks posts:

  • Dan & JGriffiths - to write about Dev Edition
  • Honza (Jan Odvarko)- ~Nov 5 - Firebug 3.0