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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Q4 goals in for everyone but 3 of us. Get them in!
  • Make sure Q3 accomplishments are in to Jason; they're necessary for his upward reporting.
  • High level 2016 planning areas: Community Evangelism, Staff Evangelism, FxOS on RPi2, Conference Sponsorship
  • FxOS RPi port kicking off next month
  • Our 2016 plan is going to get rolled up into a unified Office of the CTO plan, rather than a separate DevRel plan.

2-Minute Updates


  • Spent most of my time prepping for and delivering talk at ConnectJS.
    • Labeled as a browser conference, but very Node focused.


  • Hacks post on WebExtensions live. Few comments on Hacks, but good response on Reddit and Twitter.
  • Spoke at a local meetup re: ES6 Promises.
    • Things looking good for local conference talk on the same this Saturday
  • Started drafting DevEdition 44 collateral. Followups on list. (Nov 2 DE release post)
    • Will include Potch, Jason, Dietrich, and Nick everyone


  • Orlando WoT planning + techspeakers
  • So much MozFest coordination - WoT, WebVR, Firefox OS, TV
  • Porting event planning, all systems go
  • Lots of paperwork: event reports, expenses, quarterly wrap-up, quarterly goals, hotelling
  • Firefox OS participation challenge - Q4 experiments I'm involved in are the Gaia ones mostly - allowing contribution goals and measuring mean-time-to-response for contributions
  • Helping branding team w/ external agency in PDX doing the ad campaign for b2gdroid
  • Deep Speech academic program kicked off (speech recognition)
  • Coordinating for French contributor doing a video for fall campaign


  • impassioned conversation about FB Evangelism reps group:
  • Reviewing some new drafts for Hacks & not for Hacks (TV Hack day anecdotal account for Community blog)
  • Wrapping up Week 6 of Season 2 Tech Speakers tmrw, following w/participants for next steps
  • Meeting w/CMO and content stakeholders from around Moz on Wed
  • View Source ticket promotion efforts still in progress.
  • Tuning agenda for Mozfest w/Tech Speaker participants etc



  • was on holidays and didn't bring a laptop so I didn't do anything (as holidays should be 😜)
  • started collecting/sketching a 'how to write a talk' with lots of pointers, mostly just by answering questions from Benjamin B.
  • recording a Web Audio challenge this week
  • also preparing for Loop and Ada Conf next week
  • Fronteers report probably next week or on Friday before I forget more about it
  • I might be not too jetlagged but jetlagged enough to not to notice I'm a bit jetlagged



  • Expanded my Modern Layouts talk to 90 mins
  • Presented a UIE Virtual Senimar
  • wrote up my own personal Strategic Plan, and finished setting up work documentation spreadsheet
  • discussion about who Mozilla is targeting when we say "developers" — with Bradley Cohen in meetings; and email with Chris Beard & David Bryant
  • advocating for transcripts of our work
  • four videos published of past work — Responsive Field Day talk (https://www.yo...v=LZsEzjsOUZI) and panel (plus audio of those); DevTo IWD talk (https://www.yo...v=ZlKh-MKJAQE) and panel
  • continuting researching and writing on how we can do real art direction on the web
  • lots of time planning and coordinating upcoming travel

Wed to Mon, Oct 21– 26: Munich — Push Conference Tues, Oct 27: New York Wed to Tues, Oct 28–Nov 3: San Fran — Future of Web Design and An Event Apart Wed–Thurs Nov 4-5: New York — Future of Web Design Fri–Sat, Nov 6-7: Boston — HOW Interactive Sun, Nov 8: New York Mon to Sun, Nov 9–15: London and Brighton — Ampersand; visiting London Moz office Sunday night: New York Mon to Fri, Nov 16–20: Mountain View — Chrome Dev Summit; visiting Mountain View Moz office

I'll be on a plane or a stage every Monday for the next 4 meetings. See you all November 23rd!



Other Topics

Evangelism Reps Facebook Group

What to do with Evangelism Reps FB group: Do we have an opinion?

Context: Group started by :cheilmann when he was running what was effectively an earlier version of TechSpeakers. Organized rep / community meetups, etc. Not specifically technical reps. Potch is an admin, but most active adminning is done by the community.

Facebook as a lousy space for convo. but people are there.

Current discussion on the group is a complaint by a Rep who feels that the TechSpeakers program wasn't sufficiently inclusive or aware of the existing Evangelism Reps group. The formal Reps program is also interested in doing something with this group. Our feeling: any changes should be driven by peers in the group, but whatever happens, we should probably have a hand in facilitating it.

Set it invite only, then as DevRel make it clear it's unofficial. "As DevRel, we're not here, but this is your space." Had issues with porn getting posted to the group earlier in the year, so part of this is preventative damage control.

sole: Empower them, ask them to be responsible, and provide pointers to official channels. (General consensus to follow this path.)

Mozlando Planning

Let's start dumping ideas for discussions/sessions in MozLando here so we don't do it all at the last minute :D

Shuffle Speaking Order?

["Jason", "Dan", "Dietrich", "Havi", "Potch", "Sole", "Nick", "Jen", "Belén"].sort(function () { return Math.random() > 0.5 });

Now that we're a real team, maybe we should switch up who speaks when? Yep! +1 I was glad to be last for a while, because I was learning what this meeting is. But now that I've done enough of them, I feel fine being anywhere in the order. Maybe it's good to keep new folks last / later for the first few months. (+1)

Q & A

Anything Else?