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  • havi
  • Jason
  • callahad
  • sole
  • baptiste

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • (Someone take notes for Jason)

2-Minute Updates


  • Worked on presentation to 2016 planning group
  • Worked on Social Meeting interaction initiative for metrics
  • Worked on Monthly forcecast budgeting
  • Reviewed several posts for Hacks
  • Discussed with Devtools and Marketing better mechanism, strategies and feedback for Moment In Time releases
  • Setting up cross functional meetings for Orlando
  • AFrame work was delayed until this week


  • Mostly recovered from VS/MozFest double-header. Still need to deliver trip report.
  • Working on follow-ups and future planning for Tech Speakers ongoing/& Participation Leaders collaborations for 2016
    • Followups with current 'class' of pilots - who've completed everything but the survey
  • Hacks blog this week: WebRTC: Sending DTMF in Firefox (Monday); Service Workers cookbook: (Dave Walsh/Tues); Oghliner (Myk Melez/Thurs);



  • Back from Nodevember. It went well! post coming up! People loved my keynote (!!!)
  • Also worked more on MediaRecorder demo-more bugs found!

Everyone Else

  • (Travelling / Offline)


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?