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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • (Someone take notes for Jason)

2-Minute Updates




Missed last week, so added here.

  • DONE week of Feb 8
    • Sketched devrel weekly communication summary, and identified automate-able parts
    • Some work tracking down event calendar sources and outlets.
    • Moar Techspeakers pilot 3 planning, and also phase 2
    • Worked on an app and Hacks post for some basic IoT experiments using smartphone sensors to derive human signals
    • Implemented an add-on for Pocket for Firefox, the way it should have been done
    • Getting some of the Sony devices for DevRel for workshop use
    • London planning for the Bletchley trip 😉
    • Hosted the PDX Quantified Self meetup group in the office, and presented on signals vs sensors experiments
  • DONE week of Feb 1
    • Deep Speech program continuing
    • Develop support plan for staff devrel
    • Worked on NYC VR curriculum w/ Rabimba and Christos
    • Contribute to Participation for CD blog post about Singapore
    • Worked w/ the openwebgames Twitter account holder to switch ownership to Moz
    • Lotsa techspeakers planning


  • HACKS: waiting for Mktplace successful push in order to publish post about CSP implementation. Nothing else in the queue this month. Got posts?
  • Tech Speakers Pilot 3 starts today - w/~10 women from Africa, EMEA, India
  • Tech speakers Phase 2: conversations, pitches, planning, logistics
  • Some local event stuff...



  • Finished Media Recorder draft, now waiting on Maire's review and confirmation for when do we go live
  • Now working on DevTools hot reload screencast, aiming to get it done this week (fingers crossed)


  • writing talk for Enhance Conf and for the whole rest of the year
  • created repo for examples, and first example:
  • got transcript done of Modern Layouts video. Will edit when I have time.
  • published The Web Ahead ep 112 — on Internet of Things, Physical Web and Flyweb:
  • assessed CSS priorities for Gecko and wrote up recommendation in email


  • Went to Braga, Portugal to speak about HTML 5 games (the talk was recorded!)
  • I started to work on creating a webVR demo for GDC. This will be my focus over the next weeks.
  • Next Wednesday I'll be speaking at a local meetup in BCN about HTML 5 games (good news is that the talk will be recorded in Spanish, so there will be recordings of my presentation in both English and Spanish!)


Other Topics

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Q & A

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