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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • (Someone take notes for Jason)

2-Minute Updates


  • Meet with Goo to discuss MDN articles
  • Reviewing SAB implications to Devtools Debugging
  • Financial review for last year
  • Did a couple of Interviews for Intern this summer - We extended an offer
  • Planning for DevTools rollout - Everyone is this group should have access. I sent the link out on Friday
  • Trello Id setup for the team - Sent email before meeting
  • Went through new WebRender materials for Servo. Trying to get Hacks content


  • Back from DrupalCon Asia (Mumbai, India)
    • Gave an hour long talk on Service Worker / Push / Manifest
    • Sidebar presentation on Rust / Servo; lots of interest
    • Sidebar deep dive into Service Workers for Drupal core devs; lots of interest, action plan in the works
  • Filing at least 4 bugs as a result of the presentation
    • a compositor bug, at least 2 privacy bugs related to the serviceworker cache api, push API breakage
  • Expect Trip Report tonight
  • ACTION: Restructure the meeting template.
    • What are you looking at this week? What are you actively working on? What's going to be big?
    • Keep individual update section since it's super valuable for Jason et al, but make it non-verbal.



  • Iterating on Tech Speakers Phase 2 planning (pitch deck for sharing w/leaders, Participation, Reps, etc) and defining the support needs
  • Created Tech Speakers calendar (comparable to our team speaking calendar) - open to logins
  • Tech Speakers Pilot 3 - week 3.
  • More planning for Tech Speakers Meetup - June 9-10.
  • Hacks blog: waiting for WebVR API 1.0 release (any day now), check-in on GDC posts, still looking for content to publish (Various issues on
  • Attended closing talk of Dev 2 Dev Summit (nice venue, underwhelming audience, talk by Chris Messina about bringing values of open web platform to Uber platform/ride experience APIs)
  • Discussion about creating a template of some kind to create branded 'handouts' on APIs, features, products for conferences: current request is for a Web Audio API handout for the Web Audio Conf (April 4-6, 2016)


  • Presented "Browsers in the Third Dimension!!" at Dev 2 Dev Summit last week
  • Working on a blog post for the Add-ons Blog for Friday on the advantages of WebExtensions for developers



  • last two days — hosted CSS Grid Workshop here in NYC. 9 people including Rachel Andrew, Fantasai, and Jared Wein from Mozilla. Folks from NYTimes and Vimeo, folks who flew in from Spain, Chicago, UK.
   As a group we were rethinking the subgrid spec. 
   Committed to lobby Mozilla & Igalia (who's doing Blink and webkit implementions) to not ship Grid without Subgrid. Which will push it all back 6-8+ months, but we have to. Have to. 
   No Grids Without Subgrids!  
   This weekend just reconfirmed (more so): Grid is going to be huge. And hard for people to learn. Tons of need = Tons of opportunity.
  • beginning of a very enthusiatic group here in NYC on layout. Going to turn into a monthly meetup.
  • lobbying secret people at Apple to ship webkit bug fix for Initial Letter
  • travel plans
  • connecting with folks at Microsoft & Adobe in Seattle to setup meetings w/ them for April
  • edited transcript of Modern Layouts & sent to be added to the video
  • following up with Sara Soueidan re: her public frustration with SVG bugs in FF
  • published ep 113 of The Web Ahead
  • sent ep114 to be edited
  • slides slides slides slides slides slides
  • putting demos up at



Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

  • we haven't updated the minutes since october 2015, should we have a 'sprint' sometime this week and move them over to the wiki? Divide and conquer and all that - should be fun with more people

Q & A

Anything Else?