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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Jen is in charge of organizing our website work week.

Verbal Highlights

Anything blocking you? Anything interesting to report?

  • [potch] GDC was great! CdsAazQUMAAPOg8.jpg
    • People are more aware of the work we're doing
    • Sweet MozVR Cardboard Viewers! CdpnaJCWIAAJQW-.jpg
  • [flaki] MozHacks fairing well ^^
    • Diversity & Inclusion WG meeting yielded really promising stuff, and it was especially refreshing to see the extent of leadership buy-in.
    • Rails Girls Summer of Code sponsorship back on track again!! Mad props to @alispivak!
  • [jensimmons]
    • planning Design Sprint week for team website in NYC coming up — update
    • LAYOUT is still BIG. Bigger. Grid is amazing. More than I realized.
    • saw Code: Debugging the Gender Gap (trailer: at AEA. I recommend highly. Everyone at Mozilla should watch.

Plan for This Week

What will you do this week?

  • [callahad] Actually finish V1 of the Dashboard, actually get blog post up re: grokking Rust's ownership system
  • [jason] Working on Servo examples for animations and rAF
  • [jason] metrics, metrics, and did I say metric :(
  • [giovanny] land the opened PR for this week about RPi
  • [potch] GDC write-up
  • [potch] Small game project w/ legal
  • [potch] Platform Analysis improvements
  • [jensimmons] planning for Design Sprint Week for our team website
  • [jensimmons] lots of email and travel plan booking, reports and such
  • [jensimmons] launching new website
  • [flaki] more tweets :D glean more data from how we are doing
  • [flaki] start getting back in the saddle w/ service workers in preparation for the curriculum
  • [havi] finalize Flaki onboarding, & interview / req process for Tech Prgrm Manager headcount in coordination w/ HR, participation team stakeholders.
  • [havi] Hacks blog in play - Fetch API post, Content analysis post, Aframe guest author.
  • [havi] Tech speakers PIlot3 final week, followups, coaching calendar.
  • [dietrich] ^ ditto
  • [dietrich] travel for san diego, berlin, london
  • [dietrich] talk for OpenIoT San Diego
  • [dietrich] Finalize code school outreach letter, and send
  • [dietrich] Work w/ MDN on Asia plans
  • [dietrich] Finish and post PSU and A-Frame models on Hacks

Summary of Last Week

What did you accomplish last week?


  • Reviewed several posts for Hacks
  • PLR meeting - Action item Devrel Metrics
  • Interviewed TS Technical Program Manager candidate
  • Setting up community event for July with code school
  • Opening request to do AFRAME/WebVR videos
  • Experimented with WebAssembly
  • London planning


  • Got stuck spinning my wheels converting my little dashboard prototype into React + Redux + Flux. :(
  • Submitted to OpenWest's CFP.


  • Devrel team update in project meeting notes - a start!
  • Arranged IPFS talk in the office and on AirMo for this week
  • Coordinating workshops to accompany all the TIA events
  • Editing/preparing PSU team post for Hacks
  • Tech Speakers Pilot 3, session #5. This one is moving fast!
  • Connected PSU capstone team with Fennec team and CD projects
  • Nominated two people for London, one more on the way
  • Compiled contact info from 260 code schools from Course Report
  • Drafted outreach email for code schools, one round of feedback
  • Summarized Asia research from Rina’s team, to help MDN determine roadshow plan
  • One my add-ons is dead in nightly but not with an empty profile. Fuuuuu. Spent some time debugging.
  • Speaking w/ Rabimba at OpenIoT 2016 in San Diego next month
  • Worked on Hacks post about working with 3D models in A-Frame.
  • Hooked old-phone experiment up to Slack through IFTTT’s Maker channel.


  • Lots of logistics around Tech Speakers Pilot3, getting Flaki's contract processed and projects started, getting req opened for Tech Program Mgr position and scheduling interviews in hope of getting someone hired in time for LDN work week
  • Hacks blog content wrangling, scheduling, copyediting: GDC post on WebAssembly, Trainspotting 45, DevTools 47, preparing Content Analysis (PSU capstone project), and FetchAPI post for this week
  • London WW: volunteer "requests for invites" management, tech speaker invite management & coordination. Travel planning for LDN and elsewhere



Jen — last three weeks...



  • Met w/ Havi & WADI folks in MV
  • Started planning a transitional "So you are a FirefoxOS app dev — getting started with Progressive Webapps" curriculum for Reps/TechSpeakers
  • Slowly easing into @mozhacks, loving it so far!
  • Initial results for Hacks Twitter promising
  • Various organizational things, esp. JSConf Budapest-related


  • I figured out how to use NOOBS and B2G finally with the RPi. It's a little bit tricky but now is working
  • Flash scripts for B2G devices are more complicated than expected due to be working on any platform. At the end, I found the best approach.
  • I got an injury in my right arm last week, that's why I can't join today :(


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?

  • [flaki] Please share your feedback re: new direction of @mozhacks Twitter!
    • More cross-browser stuff ("One Web"), but keep the Mozilla focus
    • More "Cool Stuff™" in general
    • Think more @smashingmag, and a bit less @mozilla
    • Push speaker visibility (both devrel, TechSpeakers and mozillians)
    • Same goes for Cool Stuff™ by mozillians — projects, experiments etc
    • More "active" content — ❤ animated gifs ❤ screerecs/screencasts ❤ videos/vines ❤
    • More tweets in general (incl on weekends)
    • More emojis 😎📣🚀
    • Experiments, like
  • We are open to suggestions and ideas (even the wildest ones).