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  • Havi
  • Sole
  • Belen
  • Dan
  • Flaki
  • Gio

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • [Someone take notes for Jason]

Verbal Highlights

Anything blocking you? Anything interesting to report?

  • [Belén] I've started to look into WebAssembly. My plan is to develop a demo and submit talk proposals. I'm also planning to help the WebAssembly team to make a tool similar to JSFiddle, but with WebAssembly (from C to execution inside a browser), so we can embed live snippets into MDN, for instance.
  • [Sole] Finished setting up https in my websites using Let's Encrypt certificates! It was fairly easy once I understood how to do it. Now ready to tell the world how to do that themselves too!
  • [callahad] I said I'd schedule a meeting re: triage. I didn't. Expect one this week, + emails.
  • [flaki] RGSoC sponsorship IS IN! YAY 👏👏👏 Ali 👏👏👏
  • [flaki] Help me craft a Hacks post on RGSoC / Tween JS & Servo, tweet it too on hacks! Closing end-of-week!
  • [flaki] MozHacks is doing great, 500k impressions last month, check/comment the strategy draft/review

Plan for This Week

What will you do this week?

  • Belen: Working on a WebAssembly demo. I'll be also travelling to London for WordCamp on Friday.
  • Sole: Writing outline of WordCamp talk for Sunday as a series of more detailed posts as otherwise it'll be a too long talk but there seems to be interest in all of this (at least it is all interesting to me). Then preparing for next week talk on MediaRecorder. Panicking.
  • Dan: Research + Development for WebAssemblly and ES2015 talks later this month, first pass of dashboard triage
  • Gio: Finish the build errors in B2G build system. 4.9 toolchain is the major and unique blocker right now.
  • [Havi] Interviewing in progress for DevRel Prgm Mgr role. Meetings w/Jason in SF tmrw. Hope to wrap interviews by end of week.

Summary of Last Week

What did you accomplish last week?



  • Worked on an Add-ons Blog post re: benefits of e10s. Should go out this week.
  • Updated to take into mention the required TTL header and link to most current IETF drafts
  • Got browser.html and servo head compiling. Super crashy on my Linux laptop, a little more stable on OS X
  • A little bit of Dashboard hacking
  • Booked a bunch of travel
  • Started researching WebAssembly
  • Archived old meeting notes:



  • Hacks: Edited Cardboard Dungeon built w/A-Frame (guest author post), A-Frame VR overview post. Recruited guest author post on SRI implementation. Media Recorder API post status check?
  • Tech Speakers monthly call ~25 attendees: discussion of next steps for Pilot 3 Tech speakers (lots of cat-herding to get everyone signed up for coaching), will send out survey
  • Twitter scheduling and coordination w/Flaki, got LDAP set.
  • Invite and attendance logistics for tech speakers at OSCAL, London work week, other upcoming events
  • Booked a bunch of travel
  • Beginning outreach to potential Master Class speakers for TS phase 2.



  • Found three regressions on MediaRecorder (one critical/crashing). Hacks post on hold until I have time to test this again (not much time with the three upcoming talks, agh)
  • Getting very paranoid with all the attacks to privacy I've been researching. I trust no one now! Not even you! :-P



  • Long time since my last update! I've went to GDC, finished + rehearsed my talk for WordCamp London and I'm just getting started with WebAssembly.




Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?

  • Ludum Dare (game jam ) will be happening in two weeks! ;)