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  • Jason
  • Havi
  • Dietrich
  • Flaki

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Q1 Reviews this week and next week
    • Summary reports due shortly; you'll have an email
  • Have your Q2 goals ready
  • London All-Hands plans must be made this week.
  • AppCache end of life will not be as sudden as it may have seemed, but it's clearly on that road.

Verbal Highlights

Anything blocking you? Anything interesting to report?

  • [callahad] FYI Links: Three major projects announced last week.
  • [dietrich] Request from team: materials you've written! on perf, compat, devtools
    • (callahad) is pretty fantastic
    • Also, is a PostCSS plugin that automatically adds vendor prefixes to css rules based on CanIUse data and a filter like "I want to support the last 2 versions of all browsers"
    • But it doesn't add polyfills or do linting or something; not the greatest pedagogical tool.
  • [dietrich] OpenIoT Summit - corp open source iot is alive and well!
  • [dietrich] code schools update
  • [dietrich] compat - docs, tools, messaging

Plan for This Week

What will you do this week?

  • [callahad]: PTO; back online Thursday morning. Focus is 100% on WebAssembly, as I have a talk on it this Saturday.
  • [flaki] getting back in the tweety-saddle
  • [flaki] finalizing JSConf Budapest workshops & arrangements
  • [flaki] planning & sending out "invites" for the TechSpeakers v2 pilot/experiments to be starting in the end of April
  • [jason] Reviews

Summary of Last Week

What did you accomplish last week?




  • spoke at OpenIoT Summit, San Diego
  • kicked off conversation about relicensing MDN and MoFo content as CC-BY instead of CC-BY-SA
  • interviewed a bunch more code schools. reached out to 60, interviewed 17, and a bunch more of those 60 are queued up for interviews.
  • View Source speaker feedback
  • hosted the R meetup group.
  • hosted PDX quantified self meetup group, and gave a talk about user trust and design of self-recording software at the Portland Quantified Self meetup group.
  • rehearsal and eval on Brendan’s PWA talk
  • more coordination for Brendan’s talks in Singapore (3 of them!)
  • filed bugs on new awesomebar styling and a few other things
  • wrote a Firefox addon for using accel+shift+M to open url in Firefox mobile on any device that’s connected through Firefox Accounts. . Looking into how to automatically open devtools if that device is also already configured for remote debugging.
  • met about mozfest planning
  • reached out to webcompat team because we don’t have any materials on why compat is important, or how to author compatible code. eg, WHY is caniuse important? how do i know if my code is compatible?
  • reviewed MDN guides, only to find most are broken. filed bug, they’re killing them off:


  • Hacks: published Optimizing JavaScript Performance With Firefox Dev Tools (Greg Tatum video), Media Recorder API (Sole), Sign up for RGSoC post (Flaki), lined up SRI implementation Hacks post for this week (Tues/Wed)
  • Ongoing interviewing & feedback for Dev Rel program manager role
  • Worked in SF for the day & met up w/Jason.
  • Brendan Dahl Singapore talk rehearsal in SF.
  • Facilitation coaching session w/Wm Hall. Learning a lot.
  • Review of View Source speakers, limited outreach.
  • Lots of event review and facilitation; lots of Tech Speaker conference attendence, organization, and CFP submission coordination
  • Schwag: approved the proof and Placed order for hoodies!!!
  • Booked travel to LDN, NYC


  • (@ PTO)


  • (@ JSConf Uruguay)


  • (@ Respond Sydney and Respond Melbourne)


  • (@ WordCamp London)


  • Twitty going strong still. @mozhacks is soaring. ;)
  • Did a sprint-of-a-blogpost on hacks on the Rails Girls SoC sponsorship!
  • from first word to blogpost in less than a day, thx Sole, Havi + others for the help and timely feedback! <3
  • Did our first free for non-coder workshop/training/weekend/mentoring/course!
  • It went AWESOME, lots of diversity, designers, hr folks, and just plain any other folks, focus on women too! 20ppl in total
  • Spent ~60 hours teaching last week (all 7 days), eeee-xhausted. -.-'
  • used Dev. Ed. & Mozilla Thimble filed a gazillion of bugs already and more coming up :)
  • +booked for London finally :))


  • Fixing B2G v2.5 errors
  • Stabilization branch for B2G
  • Webassembly is great, worked on a few demos at weekend
  • Checked WebVR code examples


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?