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  • Jason
  • Flaki
  • Dietrich
  • Callahad
  • Michael E
  • Potch
  • Jen
  • Havi
  • Gio

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Callahad + Potch working on DevAdvocacy bugzilla dashboard, expect initial email soon.
  • Jason attempting to use Google Forms to build a structured Trip Report template
  • [Havi]: There are at least two existing forms, one from Sandra, one from Tech Speakers. I'll send the links.

Verbal Highlights

Anything blocking you? Anything interesting to report?

  • [jason] Please review SharedArrayBuffer draft at
  • [dietrich] mozfest, berlin, rpi, code schools
  • [giovanny] new approach for RPi port

Plan for This Week

What will you do this week?

  • [jweathersby] Trip Report Template
  • [jweathersby] DevAdvoc Dashboard
  • [Jen] publish The Web Ahead 115
  • [Jen] writing the forward for JS for Web Designers by Mat Marquis
  • [Jen] document the last month, including trip reports
  • [Jen] edit the video of my progressive enhancement talk from Melboure
  • [Jen] document more of what we did last week, and catch up folks who weren't there
  • [Jen] build out a space for collaborating on the devrel website project
  • [Jen] prep for next week's CSS Working group meeting
  • [Jen] watch the video of my Art Direction talk and revise it
  • [Jen] collapse, I mean, regain energy to be ready for two weeks of travel, next week & week after
  • [havi] Get DE 48 Hacks post published, maybe Shared Array buffer post, maybe Boondogl post (stalled)
  • [havi] Lock down venue & hotel for Berlin Tech Speaker meetup in Sept.
  • [havi] TS monthly call on May 4, agenda in prog
  • [havi] lots of meetings and orientation with Mike Ellis to get him ramped up

  • [dietrich] code school corraling
  • [dietrich] in berlin tuesday - friday for mozfest planning
  • [dietrich] pushing a few new partnerships/programs - vr w/ stanford, iot with intel
  • [flaki] wrapping up Happy Code Friends this weekend, lotsa' curriculum dev still in the pipeline
  • [flaki] JSConf Budapest next week, gonna be madness, starting to get excited+final things
  • [flaki] preparing "flaki TS pilot" still, to be launched after JSConf Bp
  • [callahad] Finish first round of Dashboard triage
  • [callahad] Lock down travel plans for PyCon, MozLondon, OpenWest
  • [giovanny] Start next phase for RPi Port
  • [giovanny] New build system and progress will be live on Github
  • [giovanny] Publish blog post about iot approach
  • [Michael] Working on Event Budget Tracking Spreadsheet
  • [Michael] Working on draft of Tech Speaker Participant Code of Conduct
  • [Michael] Meeting with individuals on team and getting to know you!

Summary of Last Week

What did you accomplish last week?


  • Team Design Sprint


  • Team design sprint + MinneWebCon presentation


  • (monday / tues) MoFo Design Sprint Berlin: IoT in the Home
  • coordinated mconley speaking at bitmaker school in toronto on perf devtools for reflow optimization, first code school talk!
  • gave overview of rpi plans to b2g transition/porting teams
  • lined up two more speakers from Vancouver office to speak at a code school there
  • interview with General Assembly’s JS programs lead
  • lots more codeschool post-interview coordination over email now
  • updated the staff/community speaker list with locations
  • using intersection of staff and code school location to build relationship for recurring speaking appearances


  • sickness/sadness
  • worked on DE 48 Hacks post (copyedit)
  • lots of Tech Speakers logistics support, and meetings w/Mike to get him started on TS role
  • got viable proposals from hotel(s) & venue for Berlin meetup, outreach to potential facilitators, presenters, trainers.




  • Dev Rel Team website design sprint in NYC



  • 1.0M+ impressions on @mozhacks
  • @mozhacks details and metrics about the achievements
  • JSUnconf was great, trip report coming up
  • Got a lot of sh*t done in Berlin too, from the community's side
  • Aaaand are organizing a Rust conference! (in Berlin, somewhere around early fall) (in very early stage still)
  • We just created a Foundation for Rust Community in Europe (in part to support the conf, but also community in general), I happen to have ended up on the Board :)
  • Happy Code Friends curriculum & format both coming together nicely, will share, hopefully SOON(TM) :))




Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?