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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • [Someone take notes for Jason]

Verbal Highlights

Anything blocking you? Anything interesting to report?

Plan for This Week

What will you do this week?


   * Co-host Tech Speakers monthly call
   * meetings with various individual Tech Speakers, and potential content providers for Phase 2, and facilitators for Berlin Meetup
   * Prep for MozLDN - coordination w/Tech Speakers. 
   * Finish the TS Phase 2 application form and start circulating info about the program plan. 
   * Hacks posts: Andrzej Mazur (?), Florian's JS post

Sole: schedule meetings / plan for London ww, talk at Oslo about Media Recorder. More catch up with backlog


  • code school speaker organization
  • hook up data recording phone at the office
  • leaving Thurs on PTO for all of next week
  • london goals and schedule for RPi project


  • traveling to Oslo
  • speaking at CSS Conf Nordic
  • whatever life brings along the way
  • coding more demos
  • hopefully writing stuff, working on a feature article for Net Magazine

Summary of Last Week

What did you accomplish last week?




  • More code school communication and speaker gathering. Migrated to a CRM called Streak which is built into Gmail through a Chrome add-on. I tried a bunch of cloud-based CRMs and they were all terrible. Streak is *magical* in comparison.
  • Drafted the Labs activity for TS phase 2
  • OSU team final meeting! Hacks post coming.
  • London planning
  • Hacked more on an installation piece using some of the ideas from
  • Met with local rep from Oregon Angel Fund about doing IoT security and privacy talks/training for local startups.
  • Met with HP to talk about IoT printing experimentation based on the Berlin design sprint output.


  • Caught up on vacation email backlog, and started watching the Town Halls I'd missed while I was out, attended Innovation and Platform town halls
  • Hacks: Published Exporting An Indie Unity Game to WebVR (over 1 month in draft), lined up some new posts for Hacks this week
  • Planned upcoming monthly Tech Speakers call/ agenda
  • Planning content calendar for Phase 2 Tech Speakers - Masterclass and Labs - confirmed CFP workshop, in conversations with other potential presenters
  • Began draft application process for TS Phase 2.
  • Ongoing Tech Speakers Berlin meetup planning with Dietrich and Michael. Working on agenda and activities.
  • Transitioning Tech Speaker event coordination and logistics from Sandra to Michael. Working w/individuals on their individual event questions/issues.



  • Talk at Copenhagen's At The Front End
  • Filed a bunch of bugs both in Bugzilla and in spec pages regarding MediaRecorder and Web Audio
  • Learnt a bit about Elm and Data flows and all that. Promised Dan I'll help with our Advocacy dashboard (very glad he didn't get offended with my comments re: aesthetics 8-)
  • Then I went on to nurse the massive cold I acquired in Greece the previous week.








Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?