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Visualize the web

The Challenge:

Find a way to use open data to create a visually compelling (and dynamic?) way to display the web.


  • Engage artists in the open web community
  • Create a visual tool that can engage and educate the public about the internet – and the open web – is.
  • Create a visual tool that exposes the quantity and location of censorship on the web?


Asks artists and internet users to create a study of art that visualizes the web.

Program Outline:

Some questions:

  1. Identify a leader/team for this project
    1. Does PEW want to be involved in this project?
    2. Does Chris Messina want to be involved (initially suggested this idea)
  2. Identify what it is that we want to visualize and/or what question we want the visualization to answer
  3. Assess what data sets we can create and/or access that community members could use to create the visual (open up/share Mozilla datasets, if any?)
  4. Develop a marketing strategy that will locate and engage artists (advertise or launch the challenge at SXSWi?)
  5. Define educational objectives/specifications more clearly
  6. Create a cool "online gallery" where the art can be hosted

Next Steps

  1. Talk to Pew
  2. Talk to Chris Messina
  3. Talk to Lauren Cornell at Rhizome
  4. Deaves to ask Shirkey if he has any students at NYU who might be interested in this project

The copy below is very preliminary '(Nov 15/2009 deaves)'

The Open Web Design Challenge: Create the most compelling visualization of the web.

The Open Web Design Challenge is a design competition to see who (that means you!) can create the most compelling way to visualize the web.

What’s in it for you?:
Fame, an opportunity to educate the world and a chance to be selected by either the drumbeat community or our panel of celebrity web judges and flown to the June 2010 Mozilla Drumbeat Open Web Conference in Amsterdam to showcase your design before a global audience.

What’s in it for us?:
Today a billion people use the web – they depend on it for business, for services, for keeping in touch with loved ones, to share their story or understand others. Despite the increasing use of the web few people understand how the web works. It is simply too big, to pervasive and too complicated to easily understand.
We need a image, the ultimate design, one that is both compelling, beautiful and educative, that shows us what the web is and why its openness matters.

Make your design anywhere. Using any platform.
One you have created it, upload it to a publicly accessible platform of your choice – your blog, flickr, youtube, the drumbeat website – and tag it “OpenWebD09.” Also, make sure upload it under a Creative Commons attribution license. We want to share your design with the world. We want the world to remix you.

Some Design Guidelines:
1. Use open data
Visit the drumbeat website here to find a list of open data sites that might be useful to help create your visualization.
2.Focus on Mozilla’s values:

  • Open: Built on technologies that anyone can study, use or improve without asking permission.
  • Participatory: Fueled by the ideas and energy of 100s of millions of people.
  • Decentralized: In both architecture and control, ensuring continued choice and diversity.
  • Generative: Evolving and improving as we each remix existing parts of the internet into something that is our own.

3. Show off your stuff: Remember this is art! We want it to be beautiful, to inspire and to educate.
4. Make it remixable: Remix counts – to participate you must upload your design under a creative commons license. If you remix someone else’s work you MUST attribute.