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Deliverables for Summit

Roadmap for project roadmaps

  • What do projects need to get done for July 6?
  • To tell a clear, up-to-date and compelling story at the summit?

  • Story
    • updated "about" one-pager
    • 5 telegraphic messages
    • clear project elevator pitch
  • Roadmap
    • clear milestones to end of 2010 (and sketch of where they think they'll land by end of 2011)
    • emphasis on "changes of state"; not "to do's"
    • delivered through standardized format / slide template
  • Progress
    • A demo, episode, science fair presentation etc. that show progress / early impact
    • e.g., first episode of WMM, UniSubs alpha demo, P2PU course suggestions / competency map
  • Participation
    • Clear and up-to-date story around how people can help
    • Early workflow to support it
  • Web page
    • An up-to-date Drumbeat.org page that delivers these elements in an intuitive way



  • First-draft updated one-pager 80% complete. Polish and circulate for feedback (Matt) -- June 21
  • Brett working to have WMM episode 1 rough cut ready for feedback early next week
  • First draft roadmap complete. Gather feedback, produce second draft, move to standardized template.
  • Sharpen & update participation asks

Universal Subtitles

  • Distill existing story materials into updated one-pager (June 22)
  • Second draft roadmap complete. Gather feedback and move to standard template.
  • Alpha prototype released & ready to demo.
  • Update drumbeat.org page to capture as much new rich content as possible (Matt)

P2PU Webcraft

  • Distill & share last week's roadmap work
  • Matt to share first draft updated one-pager for feedback (June 22)
  • How are we demonsrating progress?
  • Where are we focusing participation? (Looking for course ideas / mentors? competency map?)