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Approach: what drums can people draw upon?

The Drumbeat framework includes three core elements, plus a modest grants program to support other organizations promoting an open internet.


1. - Online - Bongo

  • Description: simple and helpful email newsletter about the open web plus online campaigns and activities for people who want to be more involved.
  • Purpose: 1) provide a point of contact for people w/ casual interest in Mozilla and the open web and then 2) give them an opportunity to get more involved in concrete campaigns and activities.
  • Main elements: e-newsletters (information) plus web platform for online campaigns and local event organizing (get involved).
  • Important: build around the engagement ladder concept. Once you indicate an interest in 'doing more' the content changes to bring you to the next level of engagement.
  • See also: raw notes

2. On the ground - Conga

  • Description: Local community events, demos and discussions around Drumbeat themes.
  • Purpose: Use personal connections as way to reach out to new groups, expand community and deepen awareness. Also, generate new ideas and campaigns from the ground.
  • Main elements: High quality (and remixable) slide decks, discussion points and organizing guides. Use these at BarCamps, schools, meetings of local clubs, informal MeetUps.
  • Important: This is where we build the most important leaders of the Drumbeat initiative. These people bring in more participants and generate new ideas.
  • See also: raw notes, more notes, still more notes and a proposal

3. Yearly event - Tympani

  • Description: A yearly ideaswap / skillshare / hackfest for people creating a better internet.
  • Purpose: Gather and connect community leaders, discuss current big internet issues. Also, showcase and celebrate great work people are doing to improve the open web.
  • Main elements: Showcase and feedback on research / tech / films that connect to big open web issues. Sharing of skills and prototyping of demos re: open web.
  • Important: Should be interactive and festival-like. Also, big tent including many 'unusual suspects' who are all contributing to the open internet.
  • See also: raw notes

Supporting Our Allies

  • Drumbeat also needs a way to support a wide array of people and organizations promoting an open internet.
  • Mostly, this support means inviting them into the Drumbeat tent -- doing campaigns via Bongo and participating in Conga and Tympani events.
  • Drumbeat will also include a modest grants program to support a small handful of organizations playing a particularly strategic and complimentary role to Mozilla (e.g. Open Video Alliance).